Reconstruction of “Blikk”

During the first part of 2018, I am involved in a reconstruction of Blikk (1970), an installation originally created by Irma Salo Jæger (sculptures and light), Sigurd Berge (sound and music) and Jan Erik Vold (text). The work was constructed in collaboration with researchers and engineers from Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) and was performed at the Henie Onstad Arts Center, who also had commissioned the work.

Lighted rotating paddles mirror colors and cast shadows around the space, and are combined with sound from 10 speakers, so that Jan Erik Vold seems to move carefully around the room while reading. This alternates with Sigurd Berge’s electronic music, which was largely composed at The Gaudeamus-foundation in the Netherlands.

The Forest in the House

NOTAM is collaborating with the University of Oslo, The National Museum and the architect company Atelier Oslo on a research project about combining physical and virtual realities i an architectural exhibition. NOTAM’s task is to construct acoustically correct soundscapes to two virtual environments, and we are using this opportunity to investigate the effect of different delivery methods and principles to further the knowledge on where the intersection between complexity and necessary quality might be. NOTAM’s team consists of Thom Johansen, Balint Laczko and Jøran Rudi.

The museum of architecture writes this about the exhibition.

Tour with Parallax and Anders Tveit

From the 14th to the 26th of November 2017 I was on your with Parallax and Anders Tveit in the US and Canada, where they performed a version of Notam’s commission A Parallax View while I lectured on the electroacoustic development of music in Norwegian Music. We visited New York, Princeton, Cincinnati, Oberlin, Kalamazoo and Montreal, and it was a successful tour with interested audiences and excellent performances.