Modular Mixer


Mixer objects

Mixer Strips


The order of the strips is not random or chronological. The sorting logic has four stages:
  1. Sort by whether the strip is a bus or not. Non-buses are displayed first.
  2. Sort by vertical position in the modular mixer (top -> bottom).
  3. Sort by horizontal position in the modular mixer (left -> right).
  4. Slightly rearrange the strips order so that the audio flow always goes from left to right.

How to...

Q: Set accurate volum by writing a number?
A: Click the number box right above the volume slider

Q: Reset highest peak value in the box above the audio meter?
A: Just click the box.

Q: Add a new mixer strip?
A: You can not do that directly in a mixer strips window. You either have to create a new instrument in the modular mixer, or add a new instrument to a track in the editor.

Q: Switch between a narrow and a wide strip?
A: Left-click the name of the mixer strip. If the mixer strip isn't the current instrument (green rectangle), doubleclick the name.

Q: Delete a mixer strip?
A: Right-click a mixer strip, and select "Delete". Or shift+right click the name. Make sure the mouse pointer is not pointing at a plugin or a send.