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Radium 5.9.90 released

Posted: 19 Jan 2020 11:49
by kjetil
Lots of work has been put into 5.9.90. It's getting very close to V6 now, so there's no big new features, mostly bug fixes and minor improvements.

Most notable feature this time is adding support for grabbing keybinding to the popup menu of all buttons and check boxes in the mixer, editor, sequencer, and playlist.

The most important bug fix is for a bug introduced in 5.9.88 that caused the program to crash if opening the Sampler Instrument GUI twice.

Another change which might be worth mentioning is that there could be fewer of those short freezes in the editor when redrawing, especially notable on Windows and macOS.

Changes 5.9.88 -> 5.9.90:
  • Windows: Show progress window much earlier when
    starting the program.
  • Sampler instrument: Fix GUI graphics not updating
    immediately when dragging sliders if GUI was opened
    by the second time or later.
  • Sampler instrument: Fix memory corruption when
    opening a sampler instrument GUI for the second
    time. In Radium 5.9.88 this memory corruption
    started to crash the program.
  • Editor: Popup menus for timing tracks.
  • Import MOD: Decrease time it takes to import MOD
    file with lots of tempo changes.
  • Scripting: Update S7 to latest version.
  • Editor: Fix very small font for the labels in the
    upper right when the swing track is not visible.
  • Editor: Fix error message "getTrackX2: No track X"
    sometimes popping up, especially after importing
    MOD file.
  • Sequencer: Fix some shortcuts in the seqtracks
    config popup menu.
  • Internal/GUI: Fix a bug in the raw mouse cycle
    handling in the internal widget system.
  • FaustDev: Fix block diagrams not being drawn when
    using the LLVM backend. Bug introduced in 5.9.88.
  • Editor/OpenGL: Replace use of spinlock with mutex.
    This might fix some freezing in the editor when
    it's redrawn.
  • Sequencer: Add popup menu to the timing lane
    headers area.
  • Keybindings: Fix grabbing keybinding when
    navigating popup menus with the keyboard.
  • Editor: Add support for grabbing keybinding to the
    entries in the track header popup menu.
  • GUI: Fix entries in sub menues not always being
  • Sequencer: Add support for grabbing keybinding for
    the various grid functions in the grid button popup
  • Keybindings: Fix "Remove keybinding" when a
    previous keybinding has been added with other
    focus qualifiers than the default ones.
  • Keybindings: Fix sometimes not detecting when
    overriding a keybinding.
  • Mixer: Add support for grabbing keybindings for
    rotating the mixer to the popup menu of the mixer
    direction button.
  • GUI: Add alpha to text color of disabled buttons
    and check boxes.
  • GUI: Fix various buttons and checkboxes still being
    highlighted after releasing mouse button.
  • Keybindings: Remove "EDIT SHIFT_L F5" keybinding to
  • Mixer: Options in the popup menu to edit various
    zoom keybindings.
  • Keybindings: Add "Help keybindings" option to the
    bottom of all popup menus to grab keybindings.
  • Help: Variuos fixes for the keybindings help page.
  • Sequencer: Light up background color of the
    seqtrack numbers when hovered or moved.
  • GUI: Fix buttons and checkboxes not always stops
    being highlighted after mouse pointer has been
    moved somewhere else.
  • Mixer: Fix keyboard focus when un-windowing mixer.
  • GUI: Add support for grabbing keybinding to
    the popup menu of all buttons and check boxes in
    the mixer, editor, sequencer, and playlist.
  • Instrument widget: Save half/full status to disk.
  • Instrument widget: Fix font size for effect sliders
    not always being correct when widget is half or
    full size.
  • Instrument widget: Various clean-ups for the
    half/full size buttons.
  • API:
    • New: setCurrMixerConfigNum, resetMixerConfigNum,
      setMainMixerInWindow, mainMixerIsInWindow,
      setShowCpuUsageInMixer, getShowCpuUsageInMixer,
      mixerConfigNumIsUsed, resetEditorZoom,
      resetMixerZoom, resetSequencerZoom,
      setSwingEnabled, getSwingEnabled,
      switchSwingEnabled, setPianorollAutoRange,
      switchRecordAccuratelyFromMidi, playlistUp,
      playlistDown, switchSequencerGridEnabled,
      switchTrackPanOnOff, switchTrackVolumeOnOff,
      setSequencerInFullMode, sequencerInFullMode,
      switchSequencerInFullMode, hasInstrumentForTrack,
      isLegalInstrument, createIllegalInstrument,
      getAudioInstrumentNum, getMainPipeInstrument,
      insertEditorSeqtrack, insertAudioSeqtrack,
      insertBusSeqtrack, appendEditorSeqtrack,
      appendAudioSeqtrack, appendBusSeqtrack, setBPMs,
      setSwingTrackVisible, setSignatureTrackVisible,
      setLpbTrackVisible, setBpmTrackVisible,
      setReltempoTrackVisible, showHideLinenumbers.
    • Removed: undoTrackPanOnOff, undoTrackVolumeOnOff.
    • Update documentation for zoom and unzoom.
    • Fix playlistInsert.
    • Use a custom "instrument" type instead of int64_t
      to store instrument id.
    • Change order of arguments for
    • Let the default guinum argument for
      gui_getVertRatioInMixerStrips and
      gui_setVertRatioInMixerStrips be -1 (main mixer
      strips gui).
    • Change order of arguments for
    • Let the default guinum argument for
      gui_getNumRowsInMixerStrips and
      gui_setNumRowsInMixerStrips be -1 (main mixer
      strips gui).
    • Fix state of current seqblock and seqtrack if
      calling deleteSeqtrack directly instead of
      pressing the "-" button in the sequencer.
    • Add optional argument
      "bool force_insert/force_delete" to
      insertSeqtrack and deleteSeqtrack. The argument
      is false by default. If false, program will ask
      user "are you sure?" if calling the function
      causes song to switch from editor timing mode to
      sequencer timing mode.
    • Fix function names for addBPM3 and addLPB3.

Re: Radium 5.9.90 released

Posted: 21 Jan 2020 19:58
by kjetil
Quick release to fix the "Configure color" entry in the popup menus of the mixer.

Changes 5.9.90 -> 5.9.91:
  • Menus: Remove lots of entries from "Editor View"
    that are also available in relevant popup menus.
  • Build: Remove some -Werror flags from non-debug
  • API/internal: Change type from int64_t to file_t
    for files.
  • Internal: Let "instrument_t" be a struct to avoid
    accidentally mixing types.
  • Mixer: Fix the "Configure color" option in the
    popup menu.
  • API: createIllegalFile, isIllegalFile

Re: Radium 5.9.90 released

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 18:16
by kjetil
Radium 5.9.92 released. The only change between 5.9.91 and 5.9.92 is fixing Jack if running in a directory with non-ascii characters.

If you don't run Windows, or Jack works, there is no reason to upgrade
from 5.9.91.

Re: Radium 5.9.90 released

Posted: 27 Jan 2020 12:05
by kjetil
Radium 5.9.93 is released. Contains fix for cutting and pasting editor range.

Note that the unpacked directory still says 5.9.92, and the program reports that it is 5.9.92 too, but it is 5.9.93. (I don't have access to the computer to make releases right now, so this is an ad-hoc release.)