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Radium 5.9.99 released

Posted: 15 Aug 2020 06:51
by kjetil
Radium 5.9.99 contains numerous bug fixes and new features. Radium 6 should be released within a week if everything goes well.

The full changelog for 5.9.99 is 616 lines, so it is not included here.

Some notable features in 5.9.99:

* GUI: Redesigned or improved all popup menus.
* GUI: Right-click a menu entry to configure keybinding.
* GUI: Keyboard focus is always given to the widget pointed to by the mouse cursor.
* Editor: Many improvements, especially for the piano roll.
* Mixer: Audio meters and event indicators painted on top of the connection lines.
* Sequencer: Lots of bug fixes and minor improvements.
* Manual: Many improvements, especially for the editor.

Although the program has been steadily developed for the last 5 months, there hasn't been a release during this period because of unforeseen consequences caused by the virus situation. This should not happen again.

Full changelog for 5.9.99 can be viewed here: ... /Changelog

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Re: Radium 5.9.99 released

Posted: 19 Aug 2020 00:35
by fxt
nice, maybe I skipped a few versions, but this one runs way better on macOS than the one I used before.

Re: Radium 5.9.99 released

Posted: 19 Aug 2020 06:12
by kjetil
Good to hear. Which version of macos do you use? There's still this ongoing problem with apple's opengl library crashing when the editor window is resized, although a lot of work has been put into tricking it to not crash.

Re: Radium 5.9.99 released

Posted: 19 Aug 2020 07:24
by fxt
I'm using 0.15.5 (19F101). When I change the visibility on panels I get a temporary "Open GL Resizing Box", I've experienced one instance though where the Editor just turned white.

I've read that Juce 6 supports Apples Metal Framework, maybe that helps? Don't know if that's too much extra work of course.

Re: Radium 5.9.99 released

Posted: 19 Aug 2020 07:52
by kjetil
Thank you. The temporary opengl resizing box is supposed to be shown every time the editor is resized. That's what happens on Windows and Linux. Resizing OpenGL is a quite heavy operation, so this is a notification for the user about what's happening. Turns out it's difficult to make the box show every time on macOS because of various workarounds to prevent OpenGL from crashing.

In Radium, JUCE is mainly just used to host VST and AU plugins. The editor uses OpenGL, not JUCE. The editor should be rewritten to use Vulcan though, Vulcan is the successor of OpenGL, but that's a big job. Metal is not going to used since it's Mac only, but there's a library that makes Vulcan run on top of Metal so Vulcan should be fine even on Mac.

Anyway, as long as Radium doesn't crash for you when the editor is resized, that's fantastic news.

Re: Radium 5.9.99 released

Posted: 19 Aug 2020 14:22
by fxt
oh I understand. Exciting to hear though :)

Is performance generally best on Windows?

Re: Radium 5.9.99 released

Posted: 19 Aug 2020 15:51
by kjetil
Editor performance is actually much better on Linux than Windows, but I don't know why. It should be the same.