Radium 6.6.77 released

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Radium 6.6.77 released

Post by kjetil » 20 Dec 2020 20:57

Most work this time has gone into creating new internal data structure for storing editor data. This is ongoing work that will take some time, but it is necessary to get rid of technical debt, better support editing while playing, and for replacing OpenGL with Vulkan in the graphics engine. CPU performance should also be better with the new data structure.

Besides this, qjackctl has been updated, and it should be easier to start Jack on Windows and Macos now. Included in this release is also a new program to reset qjackctl settings, called "qjackctl_reset". It might be useful to make Jack run again.

Changes 6.5.84 -> 6.6.77:
  • Macos: Include updated LADSPA plugins.
  • Windows/Macos: Include a new version of qjackctl
    that doesn't set sample rate and period size unless
    they're explicitly set to custom values. Might fix
    problems people have starting Jack on Windows.
  • Windows/Macos: Include a new program called
    "qjackctl_reset" that resets qjackctl-settings back
    to default. Can be useful to make Jack run (again).
  • Windows: Update documentation for installing the
    ASIO Jack driver (it's not a part of Jack anymore).
  • Settings: Make it impossible to corrupt the config
  • NSM: Don't autoconnect ports when NSM is active.
  • Settings: Fix writing if the config file (for some
    reason) have become an empty file.
  • Internal: New data structure for storing editor
    data. The new data structure supports reading and
    writing from multiple threads without blocking. So
    far only the note-stops have been converted to the
    new data structure, but eventually everything
    should be converted. Then we will see better
    realtime behavior and better performance in general
    because of less CPU cache hits. This is also
    preparation work for replacing OpenGL with Vulkan.
  • Audio: Fix loading and saving plugins that have
    effect names with lineshifts.

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Re: Radium 6.6.77 released

Post by fxt » 23 Dec 2020 16:10

thank you! exciting to hear that preliminary work on implementing vulkan is starting.

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