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Radium 6.9.88 released

Posted: 24 Jul 2021 20:36
by kjetil
Radium now runs on macOS 11.
VST3 plugins are finally supported on Linux.

Changes 6.9.86 -> 6.9.88:
  • Editor/Instrument: Enable sample-seek by default.
  • Macos: Runs under Macos 11.
  • Windows: Antivirus programs should never scan
    LADSPA plugins during startup anymore.
  • VST3: Don't allocate memory in realtime code for
    VST3 plugins when setting parameter values.
  • Editor: Fix "Rec" not being removed immediately
    after stopping to record MIDI input.
  • Linux: Fix JUCE thread issues which might have
    caused glitches in sound when using VST plugins.
  • JUCE: Upgrade to V6.0.8. Most important change is
    probably support for VST3 plugins on Linux.