Radium 6.9.94 released

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Radium 6.9.94 released

Post by kjetil » 06 Aug 2021 18:20

This release, which is another prerelease before V7, has lots of usability improvements, GUI brushing/cleaning, and disposal of some annoyances.

The most notable change this time is the redesign of the modules in the modular mixer. The modular mixer now looks like this:

radium_modular_mixer_6_9_94.png (62.34 KiB) Viewed 1324 times

..and there's many usability improvements as well. (see changelog below)

Another visual improvement is the improved "Insert new sound object" / "New audio instrument" popup menu:

radium_instrument_popup_menu_6_9_94.png (39.63 KiB) Viewed 1324 times

Lots of other popup menus in the program, especially in the mixer and the sequencer, have been cleaned up as well.

Besides this, the release also contains many minor improvements and bug fixes, plus some improvements to the manual.

Changes 6.9.91 -> 6.9.94:
  • Instruments: Reorganize the "Insert new sound
    object" / "New audio instrument" menu.
  • Playlist: Give keyboard focus to the sequencer
    instead of the editor when the mouse is inside the
  • Sequencer: Minimize sequencer height when
    maximizing window or showing full-screen.
  • GUI: Try to fix sequencer sometimes not being
    fully minimized right after startup.
  • Windows: Partially fix importing MIDI files, i.e.
    smaller files are imported perfectly now. However,
    larger MIDI files seem to only be partially
    imported on Windows. The problem does not seem to
    be present on Linux and macOS.
  • GUI: When showing sequencer, make sure the mixer
    is visible first if the sequencer is inside the mixer.
  • GUI: Fix keyboard focus when showing sequencer.
  • GUI: Don't show mixer at program startup.
  • MIDI: Give more information when warning about
    possibly creating a recursive connection when
    connecting an instrument to a MIDI output port.
    Before it could look like the program was stuck in
    an infinite loop when importing MIDI files.
  • Sequencer: Clean up popup menus a little bit.
  • Mixer strips: Clean up popup menus a little bit.
  • Sequencer: Make sure first seqtrack is the current
    seqtrack after loading an older song. Before this
    commit, a hidden seqtrack bus was set as the
    current seqtrack.
  • Modular mixer: Let the "C2" button apply to all
    buses, not just the 5 effect buses.
  • Instrument effect popup menu: Replace the
    "keybindings for.." sub menu with entries that
    actually changes the value. This value can instead
    be right-clicked to change keybinding. Redundant
    functionality though, but it looks cleaner.
  • Modular mixer: Include "mixer" elements in a
    "mixer" sub menu for the popup menu.
  • Modular mixer: Snap connections to modules when
    being created.
  • Modular mixer: Put connection lines on top of all
    other graphical elements when being created.
  • Modular mixer: Fix hovered connection color (it
    was hardcoded to a bluish color).
  • Mixer: Make event connections red. (The old color
    looked too much like the audio connection color,
    and yellow (used before that again) looks too much
    like white which is used to show a current event
    going through the connection.)
  • Modular mixer: Fix possible division by zero
    sometimes happening when using middle button to
  • Modular mixer: Redesign GUI of the modules:
    • Don't overlap volume sliders with the
      mute/solo/bypass buttons.
    • Switch back to displaying simple peaks.
    • Use the instrument color for the background
      color of the M/S/B buttons.
    • Use black background color for the volume sliders.
    • Write dB value inside the volume sliders.
    • Swap upper and bottom half of the modules. I.e.
      paint text and note indicator above slider and
    • Less rounded and a little bit thinner borders.
    • Limit the volume sliders between -40dB and +6dB.
      Before, it was between -40dB and +35dB, which is
      usually a too big range.
    • Make non-linear scaling between effect value and
      slider positions, similarly to the mapping in
      the mixer strips. (i.e. we have approximately
      equal room between -6dB and 6dB and between -35dB
      and -6dB now).
    • Adjust audio port colors.
    • Light up elements below the mouse pointer.
    • Don't draw audio input/output ports when they're
      not used, not visible, or doesn't exist.
    • Alternatively move module by left-dragging the
      name instead of using the right-button.
    • When right-clicking the volume slider, mute,
      solo, or bypass, show the instrument effect
      popup menu instead of the module popup menu.
  • Manual: Document the FX/Velocity subtrack.
  • Manual: Some minor improvements here and there.
  • Help: Open help windows in external browser if the
    built-in browser is not able to show the manual
    (i.e. compiled against a too old version of
  • API:
    • Renamed: instrumentIsSeqtrackBus -> instrumentIsBus
    • New: gui_webCanShowManual, getInstruments, getMidiInstruments, getAudioInstruments, getBuses

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