Radium 6.9.96 released

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Radium 6.9.96 released

Post by kjetil » 17 Aug 2021 15:44

Lots of user interface cleanups in this release, plus some bug fixes. Most important bug fix is for positioning modules in the modular mixer when loading .mrec files.

Changes 6.9.94 -> 6.9.96:
  • Editor: Make pitch expand/shrink also work on pitch
    changes, not just on the main pitch of notes.
  • Editor: Shorten the main popup menu a little bit.
  • Editor: Fix editing the value of a pitch change.
    I.e. left alt + return when cursor is placed on
    a pitch change for a note.
  • Playlist: Clean up popup menus a little bit.
  • Playlist: Make it possible to configure the color
    of the border of current entries.
  • Playlist: Split the concept of current blocklist
    position and the concept of current block, making
    it convenient to change playlist while playing
    song. I.e. current block is not always the same as
    the current blocklist position anymore.
  • Playlist: Clean up various things.
  • Editor: Fix possible glitch in sound when cutting
    the length of a note while playing.
  • Playlist: Make "C" keybinding change color of
    highlighted block or audiofile if mouse pointer is
    currently pointing inside a block or an audiofile,
    also in the blocks browser in the playlist for
  • Playlist: Light up playlist entries when mouse is
  • Playlist: Select current seqblock under mouse when
    mouse is above a playlist entry. This is practical
    when assigning keybinding to e.g. change block
  • Playlist: Add popup menu option to set current
  • Sequencer: Fix some unnecessary jumpingaroundness
    when moving seqtracks up and down.
  • Sequencer: Fix changing timing mode
    unintentionally when changing seqtrack order.
  • Sequencer: Don't create undo when changing
    seqtrack order but ends up with the same order as
  • Linux: Fix space and return key not working, for
    some reason, on Ubuntu 20 and probably other
  • Sequencer: Don't show error message when trying to
    swap last seqtrack with next seqtrack.
  • Sequencer: Fix dragging seqtrack number up and
    down when there are invisible seqtracks.
  • Modular mixer: add the "Mixer" submenu to the
    bottom of the effects popup menu.
  • Mixer: Clean up the various "Insert plugin" menus.
  • Editor: Clean up the top of the "(click me)" menu.
  • Editor: Add the timing tracks popup menu submenu
    to the bottom of the bars/beats popup menu.
  • Modular mixer: Fix module positioning when loading
    .mrec files.
  • Ladspa: Include the name of the audio input and
    output ports in the info box.
  • Sampler: Fix integer overflow problem in code to
    generate waveforms. This fixes (rare) situations
    with no waveforms in the editor
  • Mixer: Add "Create new bus" option to the top of
    the list of buses you can send to when selecting
    "Insert send".
  • Mixer: Add "New bus" option to the main popup menu
    in the modular mixer.
  • Mixer: Tweak the "New sound object" / "New audio
    instrument" menu.
  • Sequencer: Change "Set name" to "Rename" in the
    popup menus.
  • Playlist: Fix block names not being updated when
    editor blocks are renamed, and other situations.
  • New song: Hide signature track, tempo automation
    track, and swing track.
  • Editor: Automatically (and continously) resize all
    tracks to fill all available space for clean
  • API:
    • New: getSeqtrackUuid,
      getCurrBlocklistPos, setCurrBlocklistPos.
    • setUsingSequencerTiming gets optional argument

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