Radium 6.9.89 released

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Radium 6.9.89 released

Post by kjetil » 28 Jul 2021 17:55

This should be the final release before Radium V7.

The biggest news this time is that the macOS version has changed status from stable to Beta. The full macOS version is available for free from now on. The reason for this is that Radium for macOS has many quirks that the Linux and Windows versions don't have.

In addition to that, this release contains a fix for crashing the program when quantitizing notes. The bug was introduced in 6.9.80 so all releases after 6.9.80 have been marked unstable.

Most work has been put into the manual this time. Not the content of the manual, but on the technical side of it. Most notable new feature is the extremely fast search function: https://users.notam02.no/~kjetism/radium/documentation/

Changes 6.9.88 -> 6.9.89:
  • Editor: Fix crash when quantitizing notes. Bug
    introduced in 6.9.80.
  • Windows32: Fix import MOD.
  • Macos: Open Help windows in an external browser
    since the manual now uses javascript-features not
    supported by QtWebkit 5.9.
  • Manual: Include search field + various other
  • Faust: Fix possible performance problem for the
    interpreter backend.
  • API:
    • gui_web: Handle local files with queries.
    • gui_web: Only accept Escape key if currently
      searching. (Previously it hindered all other
      usage of the Escape key by web pages.)

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Re: Radium 6.9.89 released

Post by kjetil » 29 Jul 2021 18:25

Another release before V7 to fix some potential memory problems.

Changes 6.9.89 -> 6.9.90:
  • Internal: Reorganize code protecting s7 gc
    variables a little bit. Might have fixed some
    potential problems.
  • Internal: Preallocate a little bit of memory for
    vectors. Also remove some thread assertion code
    from non-debug builds. Might improve performance
    a little bit.
  • Internal: Make sure memory allocated by the RT
    memory allocator is always aligned at maximum.
    This could theoretically increase performance.

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Re: Radium 6.9.89 released

Post by kjetil » 30 Jul 2021 14:44

Another release before V7, mainly to improve the Macos startup message. Not really any need to upgrade.

Changes 6.9.90 -> 6.9.91:
  • Macos: Improve startup message.
  • Internal: Minor improvements.
  • Help: Fix the various help buttons and menu
    entries not showing correct web page if user
    had manually changed web page on the assigned
    window (help windows are cached to open
    quicker the second time).

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