Radium 5.9.69 released

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Radium 5.9.69 released

Post by kjetil » 25 Jun 2019 11:24

Besides a couple of important bug fixes and various new minor features, this release contains lots of keybindings for the mixer and the sequencer.

For instance:
* "M" switches mute
* "S" switches solo
* "B" switches bypass
* "C" generates new random color
* "Alt + left/right" moves cursor to previous / next mark
* "Alt + 1" moves cursor to mark #1, "Alt + 2" moves cursor to mark #2, and so forth.

Another improvement in the mixer is that selected sound objects are painted with a red border (the color is configurable):
Note that due to unfortunate naming of earlier colors, the red color might show up as blue (same as current sound object) if you have edited the colors manually, so you might have to correct that in preferences.

And finally a heads up to anyone using the API functions setInstrumentSolo, setInstrumentMute, or setInstrumentBypass. The order of the arguments for these three functions unfortunately had to be switched, so you might have to edit your keybindings or custom scripts if you are using them. This type of thing should not happen often.

Changes 5.9.67 -> 5.9.69:
  • Playlist: Fix a crash that could happen in
    various (but rare) situations, for instance when creating a
    new seqtrack.
  • Menus: Fix the "Set Default Colors 1/2" entries
    under "Edit".
  • Mixer: Paint gray border around mixer strips for
    instruments that are selected.
  • Sequencer: Make Alt + left/right key move cursor to
    prev/next mark.
  • Sequencer: Make left/right key move cursor 1 second
    back/forward. (This keybinding will be changed
    later to jump 1 bar bacward/forward.)
  • Sequencer: Make Shift + left/right key move cursor
    10 seconds back/forward. (This keybinding will be
    changed later to jump 4 bars backward/forward)
    change later.)
  • Sequencer: Make Win/Meta/Meta + left/right key
    select previous / next seqblock in current
  • Sequencer: Make Alt + 1 move cursor to mark 1,
    Alt + 2 move cursor to mark 2, and so forth.
  • Sequencer: Make 1L1 move cursor to start.
  • Menus: Name the EXTRA_R key "Right Meta" (linux)
    and "Right Win" (windows), not "Menu".
  • Sequencer: Bind the "M" key to switch mute for the
    current seqtrack.
  • Sequencer: Bind the "S" key to switch solo for the
    current seqtrack
  • GUI: Make sure implicit mute/solo status is always
  • Audio: Make sure undo is never created for
    solo/bypass when undo for solo/bypass is disabled.
  • Sequencer: Fix assertion window popping up when
    moving more than one seqblock.
  • Scripting: Fix error message sometimes being
    screwed up.
  • Instruments: Create undo when changing instrument
  • Mixer: Bind "C" key to change color for all
    selected sound objects.
  • Mixer: Paint red border around selected instruments
    instead of making them bluish.
  • Mixer: If an object is both current and selected,
    paint purple border color (i.e. mix current color
    and selected color).
  • Audio: Make switch solo/mute/bypass for selected
    instruments operate on the current instrument if no
    instrument is selected.
  • Audio: Make setting random sample for all selected
    instruments operate on the current instrument if no
    instrument is selected.
  • Mixer: Bind the "B" key to switch bypass.
  • Mixer: Bind the "S" key to switch solo.
  • Mixer: Bind the "M" key to switch mute.
  • API:
    • New functions: getInstrumentSolo,
      getInstrumentMute, getInstrumentBypass,
      switchInstrumentSolo, switchInstrumentMute,
      getSeqtrackMute, setSeqtrackMute,
      switchSeqtrackMute, getSeqtrackSolo,
      setSeqtrackSolo, switchSeqtrackSolo, incSongPos,
      jumpToSequencerMark, jumpPrevSequencerMark, and
    • Use current seqtrack if seqtracknum is set to -1.
    • Switch argument order for setInstrumentSolo,
      setInstrumentMute, setInstrumentBypass,
      setInstrumentIsImplicitlyMuted, and
    • In getInstrumentSolo, getInstrumentMute,
      getInstrumentBypass, setInstrumentSolo,
      setInstrumentMute, setInstrumentBypass,
      switchInstrumentSolo, switchInstrumentMute, and
      switchInstrumentBypass, set default value for the
      "instrument_id" parameter to -1.
    • Fix getHtmlFromText function which screwed up
      lineshifts and empty lines.

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