Radium 6.9.97 released

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Radium 6.9.97 released

Post by kjetil » 02 Jan 2022 10:51

This is a big release with lots of improvements and bug fixes. The version number has only been bumped one step though, to lower the risk of having to make 6.9.1xx or 6.10.xx releases before Radium 7.

The biggest bug fix this time might be fixing the space and return keys for playing and stopping, which was not always working before on faster computers.

Another big improvement is making sure Radium now looks good on high DPI screens. It was usable before though, but many dialogs and widgets were wrongly sized in various ways.

Another improvement is that a new and configurable keybinding can be used as a mouse-delete button, as an alternative to pressing Shift + Right button. By default, the ZL1 key (placed one step left to Z on a QWERTY keyboard) is assigned for this task. (see manual.)

There have also been many improvements to how the program handles mouse in general, and many popup menus have been improved. This is where most of the development time has been spent.

Besides this, the release contains several bug fixes and some new minor features. See changelog below for all the details.

Changes 6.9.96 -> 6.9.97:
  • Linux: Removed libglib-2.0.so from the Linux
    binaries since it sometimes caused 3rd party
    plugins to fail loading. (Caused by conflicting
  • Linux: Update included system library files.
  • GUI: Fix making Shift + Right mouse button reset
    mute and solo in the sequencer.
  • Plugin scanner: Fix displaying error messages on
    Linux and Windows.
  • JUCE: Update JUCE to 6.1.4. This might fix various
    issues with VST3 on Linux and other things.
  • Plugins: Fix crash when selecting the "Set ..."
    option in the effect popup menus.
  • GUI: Lots of high DPI fixes. The whole program
    should look descent on high DPI screens now.
  • Audio preferences window: Support high DPI
    screens. (Probably not working on macOS though...)
  • Plugins: Support high DPI screens for the GUI for
    plugins. (Probably not working on macOS though...)
  • Keyboard: Workaround to fix space and return keys
    not always working (especially on newer and faster
  • Startup: Fix custom python code added in the
    keybinding configuration file sometimes not working
    (especially on newer and faster computer).
  • Demo songs: Fix sweeping filter automation in the
    main demo song.
  • GUI: Lots of mouse handling improvements.
  • GUI: Make the "ZL1" key (i.e. the key one step to
    the left of "Z" on a QWERTY keyboard) behave the
    same way as pressing Shift + Right mouse button.
  • GUI: Make the mouse "Back button" (for mice having
    this button) behave the same way as pressing Shift
    + Right mouse button.
  • Menus: If a function has more than one shortcut,
    display the shortest of those shortcuts in popup
  • GUI: Improve various popup menus.
  • Instruments: Don't create a new undo entry when
    resetting an effect and the effect already had the
    default value.
  • Linux: Fix scheme listener not always starting
    unless running on Ubuntu 18.
  • Preferences/Audio: Add option to not use JACK even
    when JACK is running.
  • Audio: Fix possible problems when initializing JUCE
  • Playlist: Don't show error message if pressing the
    delete key in an empty playlist.
  • Editor: Make it possible to assign keybindings to
    the "New Sample Player" and "New MIDI Instrument"
    options in track header menu.
  • LADSPA/Windows: Another attempt at preventing
    windows from scanning the included ladspa plugins
    during startup. It doesn't seem to always work
    though. The built-in virus scanner in Windows seems
    to be extremely aggressive. The LADSPA files are
    never opened or read during initialization.
  • Demo song: Fix low pass filter automation.
  • Editor: In the pianoroll header, fix "A" button not
    always behaving quite correctly.
  • Audio: New song properties option for muting output
    of the 5 system buses when a plugin is bypassed. By
    default this option is ON for new songs and OFF for
    old songs (to keep kompatibility).
  • Manual: Add recipe to the Mixer FAQ on how to
    create a sidechain compressor.
  • Manual: Add how to set volume higher than 6db in
    the mixer FAQ.
  • Editor: In the "(click me)" menu, display currently
    used audio instruments before currently used MIDI
  • Edit: Also expand/shrink end pitch value when
    expanding/shrinking pitch.
  • Edit: Fix expand/shrink pitch. Last release wrongly
    assumed end pitch always had a legal value.
  • Plugin Info box: Inform when a mono LADSPA plugin
    has been automatically transformed into a stereo
  • API:
    • New: setMuteSystemBusesWhenBypassed,
      muteSystemBusesWhenBypassed, setPianorollRange,
    • minimizeBlockTracks: Optional argument "force".

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