San Dysth is a standalone realtime soft-synth written in SND.

This softsynth has controls to generate various kinds of sounds inbetween white noise and pure tones. It also provides controllers to disturb the generated sound by using a "period counter" to extend the variety of the generated output.

Common usage for the softsynth is organ-like sound, organic-like sound, alien-like sounds, water-like sounds, and various kinds of noise (noise artists could find this softsynth most useful).

Download from Notam Source Archive.

User interface

Sound examples

Funky tune
Noisy version of JSB's Præludium and Fuga in D-minor
Simulation of a church organ playing under water.
Simulation of a water damaged church organ
Live recording of two pieces where San Dysth was used to generate the synth sound. (Asbjørn Flø plays synth, Ellen Ugelvik plays Piano and Rolf-Erik Nystrøm plays Saxophone.)

Synthesis method