Radium 5.9.67 released

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Radium 5.9.67 released

Post by kjetil » 19 Jun 2019 13:02

Mostly bug fixes and improvements for scripting: Better error message for scheme scripts when something goes wrong, and check code for errors before evaluating if errorCheckEvalScheme is set to true.

Changes 5.9.65 -> 5.9.67:
  • Load: Fix probable memory corruption. Seems to
    rarely have had any consequences though.
  • Windows: Fix crashreporter. Probably broken since
    Radium 5.9.61.
  • Mixer: Pressing the Delete key deletes all selected
    mixer objects.
  • Scripting: Optionally check S7 scheme code for
    unknown symbols and wrong number of arguments
    before evaluating. Call errorCheckEvalScheme to
    enable. (Always enabled in debug mode)
  • Edit: Fix missing warning about overriding
    keybinding. Probably broken around 5.9.60.
  • Scripting: Improve S7 error display.
  • GUI: Never display a solo-ed instrument as
    implicitly muted.
  • GUI: Fix right shift not always working for playing
    current block. For instance after using a popup
  • Mixer: Possible fix for hanging mixer-direction
    popup menu.
  • Instrument widget: Possible fix for hanging
    auto-suspend popup menu.
  • Sequencer: Fix wrong seqblock being set as current
    seqblock after adding a new seqblock from the
    seqblock browser.
  • Editor: Fix track paste and track cut not updating
    swing when selected from the popup menu.
  • Editor Add "Clear track" option to the main menus
    under "Editor Edit" -> "Track", and to the track
    popup menu.
  • Editor: Add Left Alt + Delete as keybinding for
    clearing track.
  • Editor: Fix various situations that could make
    illegal cursor position.
  • Internal: Optimize hash tables a little bit
  • Editor: Fix undo in "Cut track" in the track popup
  • Scripting: Update S7
  • API:
    • New: deleteAllNotesAndStopsInTrack,
      deleteAllStopsInTrack, metronomeEnabled,
      clearTrack, errorCheckEvalScheme,
      setErrorCheckEvalScheme, getTextFromHtml
    • Make undo in deleteAllNotesInTrack
    • Make undo in clearTrackFX
    • Document when isLeftMousePressed,
      isRightMousePressed, and isMiddleMousePressed
    • Remove the surrounding p-tags from the result
      of calling getHtmlFromText.

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