Radium 5.9.71 released

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Radium 5.9.71 released

Post by kjetil » 10 Jul 2019 19:52

The most important change this time is a new implementation of the playlist. There's been various problems with the playlist in all of the 5.9.6* releases due to being used in a way it was not originally designed for, and this have caused both crashes and the assertion window to pop up in various situations. As usual with new things, there might be a couple of minor quirks, but the serious errors we have seen recently should be gone.

The new playlist uses Radium's own widget set (the old one used Qt), and it looks slightly different:

Besides this, the release also contains a lot of improvements for scheme scripting plus various bug fixes and minor features.

Changes 5.9.69 -> 5.9.71:
  • Editor: Fix displaying sample filenames with
    non-ascii characters when current seqtrack is for
    audio files.
  • Sequencer: Fix displaying window title for track
    on/off-window when opened the first time.
  • GUI: Don't apply scrollbar state to vertical list
    area when scrollbar is not visible.
  • Scripting: Update S7.
  • Playlist: Rewritten:
    • Somewhat nicer graphics
    • The assertion window should not popup anymore in
      various situations.
  • Sequencer: Bind C key to change color for all
    selected seqblocks.
  • GUI: Make scrollbars look slightly better.
  • GUI: Don't show scrollbars if everything fits.
  • Scripting: Make linter check arguments for some
    types when calling global functions.
  • Scripting: Add signatures for the ra: functions.
  • Scripting: Make linter check arguments for local
    functions, not only global functions.
  • Sequencer: Let the keybinding F + SHIFT_L append
    block, R + CTRL_L to delete block, and I + CTRL_L
    to insert block. The same keybindings are in the
    editor. Added because the sequencer has a block
  • Scripting: Arity-check calls to functions defined
    by lambda* and define*, not only lambda and define.
  • Audio: Let Shift + Ctrl + M switch metronome
  • API:
    • New: switchMetronome, gui_isDoubleClicking,
      getTimeStringFromFrames, getCurrPlaylistPos,
      getPlaylistPosTime, getPlaylistPosForSeqblock,
    • Change setSeqblockName and getSeqblockName to
      take seqblockid as argument instead of
    • Let -1 (current position) be the default
      argument for "pos" in createSampleSeqblock.
    • setSeqblockName takes base64 string by default.
    • getSeqblockName now returns base64 string.
    • gui_setWindowTitle takes optional argument
      'name_is_base64'. Argument is false by default.

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Re: Radium 5.9.71 released

Post by kjetil » 13 Jul 2019 19:56

A small emergency release to fix saving editor seqtrack volume and mute to disk.

Changes 5.9.71 -> 5.9.72:
  • Playlist: Fix background color for current entry.
  • Editor: Add option in the Preferences GUI to
    disable updating waveforms during playback.
  • Build: Check that Qt is at least V5.10 before
    starting to compile.
  • Sequencer: Fix saving editor seqtrack volume and
    mute to disk.
  • GUI: Ensure new windows are placed on the same
    screen as the main window.

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