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Radium 5.9.74 released

Posted: 11 Sep 2019 13:19
by kjetil
Various bug fixes.

Changes 5.9.72 -> 5.9.74:
  • Editor: Fix rare crash when adding selecting
    "New FX".
  • Sequencer: Let CTRL + S be the default keybinding
    to split audio file. The old keybinding ("S") was
    recently overridden by the seqtrack solo on/off
  • Sequencer: Let "split audio" split by sequencer
    grid if sequencer grid is enabled.
  • Sequencer: Fix error messages popping up when
    moving seqblock to a new seqtrack.
  • Sequencer: Fix error messages popping up when
    splitting audio file.
  • Sequencer: Fix error message showing up after
    loading if current seqtrack is for audio files.
  • Help: Minor fixes.
  • Sequencer: Paint white seqblock names in the block
    browser and the audio file browser.
  • Playlist: Make sure current entry is always
  • GUI: Make sure scrollbar position is always legal.