Radium 5.9.76 released

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Radium 5.9.76 released

Post by kjetil » 16 Oct 2019 18:04

The biggest news this time is that velocity and fx text values are placed in the lines below if there isn't space on the current line, and if there is space in the lines below. This way we get rid of the "xxx" values:


And furthermore, if there isn't space below, you will always be able to see the text values by zooming out enough to make enough space (press shift + down).

Besides this, the release contains a few bug fixes and minor features.

Changes 5.9.74 -> 5.9.76:
  • Editor: Only change the tempo multiplier value of
    the initial block when dragging the tempo
    multiplier slider. This also fixes undo.
  • Undo: Don't start at undo level 5 when loading
  • Mixer: Also delete corresponding seqtrack if
    deleting a seqtrack instrument. (Earlier, the
    instrument was just recreated immediately right
    after being deleted.)
  • Build: Fix building faust when the
    INCLUDE_FAUSTDEV_BUT_NOT_LLVM environment variable
    is set.
  • Mixer: Change default color for the border of
    current mixer strip from green to white.
  • General: Make sure there is always a current
  • Bottom bar: Fix tooltip for the standard velocity
  • Mixer: Let arrow keys change current instrument.
  • Editor: Play notes in other tracks as well when
    "Edit lines" is 0 and we add a note.
  • Menus: Add "Set Edit Lines 6/7/8" to
    Editor Edit -> Note.
  • Editor: Let CTRL_L + 1L1 set "Edit Lines" to 0.
  • Editor: Change keybinding for Switch Scroll Play
    from CTRL_L + 1L1 to SHIFT_L + 1L1.
  • Editor: Show velocity text and fx text on line
    under, if free, to avoid "xxx" entries.
  • Editor: Remove the default ALT_L + T and CTRL_L + T
    keybindings. (The function
    "switchTrackNoteShowType" isn't very useful
  • API:
    • New: setCurrentInstrumentLeft,
      setCurrentInstrumentUp, setCurrentInstrumentDown,
      mainMixerIsModular, setMainMixerIsModular,
      switchMainMixerIsModular, gui_getGlobalX,
      gui_getGlobalY, gui_getMainMixerGui,
    • Add optional arguments 'blocknum' and
      'windownum' to undoReltempo and setReltempo.

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Re: Radium 5.9.76 released

Post by kjetil » 19 Oct 2019 19:07

For those of you hove have positioned the instrument widget inside the mixer, Radium 5.9.76 crashes during startup.

This will of course be fixed in an emergency release 5.9.77, but 5.9.77 can't be released until Tuesday unfortunately.

Until then, you can fix it by removing this line from the config file:
position_instrument_widget_in_mixer = true
On Windows, the config file is placed here:
On macOS, the config file is placed here:
On Linux, the config file is placed here:

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Re: Radium 5.9.76 released

Post by kjetil » 22 Oct 2019 10:25

Radium 5.9.77 is mainly an emergency release to fix crash during startup if instrument widget is placed inside mixer.

Changes 5.9.76 -> 5.9.77:
  • Mixer: Fix crash during startup if instrument
    widget was positioned inside mixer. (Bug introduced
    in 5.9.76).
  • Sequencer: Don't pause player when moving a
    seqblock while playing block.
  • Build: Make Faust compile with LLVM9. (Teteros)
  • Editor: When overriding a note from MIDI input,
    also change the velocity when "Always use velocity
    from MIDI..." is enabled.
  • Sequencer: Make sure seqtrack instrument is always
    deleted/created when corresponding seqtrack is
    deleted/created, and vice versa. (Fix for undo/redo
    creating/deleting seqtrack and seqtrack instrument).
  • Sequencer: More intelligent algorithm to create
    names for seqtrack buses.
  • Load/New: Fix assertion window sometimes popping up
    because main pipe instrument doesn't exist. (Bug
    introduced in 5.9.76).

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