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Radium 5.9.79 released

Posted: 30 Oct 2019 15:03
by kjetil
This time, most work has been put into the sequencer. The biggest new feature is horizontal and vertical indicator lines to help editing:


The most important bug fix is to make CTRL + S save song again (Ctrl+S was overridden by a different function). Another bug fix is making auto-crossfades work when changing interior start and stop values on audio files.
  • Sequencer: Let all new audio seqtracks have the
    same initial color. This color is configurable.
  • Sequencer: Fix making auto-crossfades when changing
    interior values for a seqblock.
  • Audio: Fix export soundfile when jack transport is
  • Sequencer: Tweak colors for bpms, signatures, and
  • Sequencer: Change default keybinding to split audio
    file from CTRL + S to S. S is a more common
    operation, and this also fixes keybinding clash
    with saving file (which was very unfortunate).
  • Sequencer: Change default keybinding to switch Solo
    from S to Shift + S.
  • Mixer: Add a default keybinding Shift + S to
    switch solo of the selected instruments.
  • Sequencer: Made the seqblock boxes lighter by
    default (fade/interior/speed/stretch), and also
    made these colors configurable.
  • Sequencer: Paint horizontal and vertical indicator
    lines when moving automation nodes.
  • Sequencer: Paint horizontal lines across all tracks
    and lanes when mouse pointer is above a movable
    object, to better show where the objects are placed
    in time.
  • Sequencer: Always paint a thin horizontal line
    under the mouse pointer to show grid and to better
    visualize where objects are placed in time.
  • Sequencer: Optimize drawing cursors.
  • API: getSeqAutomationColor,
    getSeqblockAutomationColor, setSeqIndicator,
    cancelSeqIndicator, seqIndicatorEnabled,
    getSeqIndicatorXPos, getSeqIndicatorY,
    getSeqIndicatorType, getSeqblockColor.