5.9.83 released

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5.9.83 released

Post by kjetil » 26 Nov 2019 22:28

Lots of GUI improvements this time. Shining it up a bit before the 6.0 release. 5.9.83 also contains various bug fixes and some minor features.


Changes 5.9.81 -> 5.9.83:
  • GUI: Increase default system font height from 8
    to 10 on Linux and Windows, and from 12 to 14
    on macOS.
  • Preferences: Clean up color order a little bit.
  • GUI: Adjust colors.
  • Build: Remove the k_cext and oscx pd externals from
    libpds since some linkers refuse to link object
    files using mktemp.
  • Sampler instrument: Fix Noise and error messages
    when playing non-looped samples using a non-cubic
    resampler (Bug introduced in 5.9.41(!)).
  • GUI: Make scroll bar colors configurable.
  • GUI: Make colors of all buttons and checkboxes
  • GUI: New appearance for buttons and checkboxes.
  • Instrument widget: Adjust some fonts and layouts.
  • Playlist: Don't show error message if pressing
    "Insert" and there are no audio files.
  • Instrument widget: Fix being able to deselect both
    the A and the B a/b buttons.
  • Modular mixer: Always show bus connections when
    "C2" is enabled. Earlier they weren't shown unless
    "C1" was also enabled.
  • Sequencer: Auto-scroll to make current seqtrack
    visible when pressing up/down key.
  • Sequencer: Make Page up/down scroll up/down 4
  • Instrument widget: Fix width of the "Controls
    visible" checkbox.
  • Sequencer: Add vertical scrollbar for seqtracks.
  • Sequencer: Fix various minor issues when seqtracks
    are hidden.
  • Sequencer GUI: Various minor tweaks and bug fixes.
  • GUI: Light up buttons and check boxes when hovered
    by the mouse.
  • Preferences: Improve help text for the "Update
    waveforms during playback" button.
  • Sequencer: Fix mouse pointer shape not always being
    of the correct type.
  • GUI: Fix bottom bar widgets often not using all
    available vertical space.
  • Midi messages instrument: Fix CC for "Balance". It
    sent out CC 9 instead of CC 8.
  • Midi messages instrument: Order all effect sliders
    by CC.
  • Midi messages instrument: Add missing CC effects.
  • Build: Fix building with qt 5.13.
  • API:
    • setTopmostVisibleSeqtrack: Ignore operation if
      seqtrack is not visible.
    • setCurrSeqtrack: Add optional argument
      "bool auto_scroll_to_make_seqtrack_visible",.
    • New functions: getStringLength,
      getSeqtrackBorderWidth, setCurrSeqtrackDown,
      setCurrSeqtrackUp, autoscrollSeqtracks,

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