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Radium 5.9.85 released

Posted: 08 Dec 2019 10:23
by kjetil
This release has various improvements, mostly for the user interface, and some bug fixes. It's another preparation for the upcoming release of Radium 6.0.

The most notable change this time is the new editor track interface:

The old buttons to enable volume and panning sliders are now replaced with checkboxes in the popup menus, and the sliders themselves are only visible when enabled. In addition, audio meters are shown in the track headers as well.

Another improvement to the editor is to adjust font size and so forth of the global track headers:

Although this is strictly superficial, it does make Radium look more professional.

Another interface improvement is to group colors in the colors preferences:

This should make it much easier to find the right color to adjust since the number of colors have grown enormously in recent years. (Originally there were only 8 colors).

Changes 5.9.83 -> 5.9.85:
  • Mixer strips: Fix the replace plugin entry in the
    popup menu.
  • Scripting: Update S7 scheme interpreter.
  • Keyboard: Change keyboard focus to a visible widget
    when the widget currently having keyboard focus is
  • Menus: Move the Zoom entries from "Editor View" to
  • Keybindings: Let keypad +, -, * and Ctrl +, -
    zoom in/out/reset in the mixer and sequencer as
    well, not just the editor.
  • Sequencer: Fix seqtrack header height when there is
    only one seqtrack.
  • Playlist: Put back the "Hide" entry to the popup
    menu (disappeared when playlist was rewritten).
  • Mixer strips: Fix the "Wide" and "Enabled"
    checkboxes in the popup menu of the current
    instrument mixer strip.
  • MIDI: Fix modulator gui for MIDI CC targets
  • MIDI: Fix saving/loading/undo/redo CC slider
  • Editor: Tweak vertical scroll bar position.
  • Editor: Middle-align text of labels and input
    widgets in the upper left.
  • Editor: Automatically scale font size of the upper
    left labels to make sure "Swing" is always
    completely visible.
  • Help: Some minor updates.
  • Editor: Fix error message popping up if changing
    track width of track while playing song and current
    block is changed.
  • Editor: Fix editor sometimes not responding after
    pressing the "F" button in the sequencer twice, and
    possibly other situations.
  • Editor: Clearer and better looking interface for
    the track headers.
  • Editor: Show audio meters in the track headers.
  • Instrument widget: Fix font type in the MIDI
    instrument widget.
  • Editor: Fix pianoroll notes snapping to the next
    grid line instead of the current 50% of the time.
    Was usually not noticable except when trying to
    move the end position to the end of the block,
    which wasn't possible without pressing Ctrl.
  • GUI: Various gfx tweaks.
  • Preferences: Put the colors into sub sections and
    adjust order.
  • Instrument widget: Show full path in tooltip and
    status bar when mouse cursor is positioned above a
    settings button in the sample browser.
  • Sequencer: Show path in tooltip and status bar when
    mouse cursor is positioned above a settings button
    in the file browser.
  • Playlist: Tweak button positions.
  • GUI: Fix gradient behavior when painting
  • Mixer: Fix high CPU usage when mixer strips are
  • Instruments: Fix memory leak.
  • Fix unnecessary assertion sometimes popping up when
    checking OpenGL on Windows.
  • Sequencer: Fix seqtrack slider not working in some
    semi-rare situations.
  • Menus: Remove duplicate "Silence!" entries.
  • API:
    • setPianorollLowKey: Set default value of
      'blocknum' to -1.
    • setPianorollHighKey: Set default value of
      'blocknum' to -1.
    • gui_verticalAudioMeter: Ignore note event
      painting if "note_event_instrument_id" is set
      to -2.
    • gui_addVerticalAudioMeter: Ignore note event
      painting if "note_event_instrument_id" is set
      to -2.
    • Better error messages for various instrument
    • Change "zoom" and "unzoom" to zoom / reset zoom
      the part (editor/mixer/sequencer) that has
      keyboard focus, not just the editor.
    • Removed: getTrackPanOnOffX1, getTrackPanOnOffY1,
      getTrackPanOnOffX2, getTrackPanOnOffY2,
      getTrackVolumeOnOffX1, getTrackVolumeOnOffY1,
      getTrackVolumeOnOffX2, getTrackVolumeOnOffY2,
      getTrackPanSliderX1, getTrackPanSliderY1,
      getTrackPanSliderX2, getTrackPanSliderY2,
      getTrackVolumeSliderX1, getTrackVolumeSliderY1,
      getTrackVolumeSliderX2, getTrackVolumeSliderY2.
    • New: setBestGuessKeyboardFocus