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Radium 5.9.88 released

Posted: 26 Dec 2019 10:27
by kjetil
This release contains some important bug fixes. Most important fix might be for the FaustDev instrument which was not always working when using the interpreter backend. Another important fix is avoiding garbled text in the editor, which sometimes happened under Windows after startup.

Most notable new feature this time is improved GUI for grabbing keybindings:



Changes 5.9.86 -> 5.9.88:
  • Startup: Make sure a proper error message is shown
    if the custom color configuration file is not
  • Windows: Fix editor text sometimes being garbled
    after startup. Bug has probably always been there,
    but hasn't been notable until very recently.
  • Windows: Fix writing keybinding configuration to
    disk after grabbing keybinding.
  • Internal: Use radium::Timer instead of QTimer for
    the main timer. Might lower idle CPU usage on Linux
    a little bit.
  • Internal: Improve GC performance.
  • Faust: Update faust to master-dev-2019-12-22
    (between V2.21.0 and 2.21.1). This update fixes
    interpreter backend not working properly for
    instruments using prerendered tables and other
    things ("os.osc" is the most prominent example not
    working before when used in an instrument).
  • Keybindings: Make MOUSE_* and FOCUS_* qualifers
    OR-ed, and not AND-ed. AND-ing for these makes no
    sense since you can never have more than one widget
    focused, or the mouse to be directly above more
    than one widget at the same time.
  • Keybindings: Add close button to the keybinding
    grab gui.
  • Keybindings: Add checkboxes for selecting focus for
    editor, mixer, and sequencer to the keybinding grab
  • Keybindings: Display more detailed information
    about current keybinding(s) in the "override?"
  • Sequencer: Right-click the seqtrack settings
    radio-buttons to edit keybinding.
  • API: cancelGrabKeybinding