Radium 5.9.95 released

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Radium 5.9.95 released

Post by kjetil » 02 Feb 2020 23:53

Various bug fixes and minor features.

For instance has the instrument list window been fixed, which was broken in 5.9.90:


Changes 5.9.93 -> 5.9.95:
  • Editor: Make sure the pianoroll of the first track
    is always visible after pressing Shift + left and
    the cursor ends up in one of the timing tracks.
  • GUI: Add a "Visible" checkbox to the popup menus of
    the editor, the mixer, and the sequencer.
  • Export soundfile: Make it impossible trying to
    create a FLAC file with 32 bits or float format
    since those are not supported by FLAC.
  • Plugins: Just ignore loading plugin cache from disk
    if hash version on file is newer than is currently
    supported in the program.
  • Plugins: Save plugin cache in hashmap V3 format so
    that older versions of Radium can still be used
    after scanning new plugins. (All versions of Radium
    between 5.9.90 and 5.9.93 will probably be marked
    unstable soon because of this.)
  • Instruments: Fix undoing delete instrument. This
    operation was not always able to load the old
    audiofile for the sampler and fluidsynth instrument.
  • Instruments: Fix instrument-list windows. Broken in
  • Instruments: Fix VST plugins not always showing up
    in the popup menus before they are scanned.
  • Editor: When moving notes in the piano roll, play
    new note if pitch is changed for an instruments
    that doesn't support changing the pitch of an
    already playing note.
  • Windows: Fixed various problems if using non-ascii
    filenames and dirnames.
  • Editor: Fix popup menu option for grabbing
    keybinding for "Rename instrument".
  • Build: Add new build-type DEBUG_FAST, which is
    the same as DEBUG + O2/O3.
  • VST/AU: Fix plugins not deleted properly when
  • API:
    • New: editorIsVisible, showEditor, hideEditor,
      copyFilepathToClipboard, getClipboardFilepath,
      createIllegalFilepath, isIllegalFilepath,
      isLegalFilepath, getBase64FromFilepath,
      getFilepathFromBase64, putSettingsF,
    • Use a custom "filepath" type to store filenames
      and dirnames.
    • Fix loadSong and saveAs sometimes causing
      autobackups and saving not working. Was only a
      problem when calling these functions from Python.

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