Radium 5.9.98 released

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Radium 5.9.98 released

Post by kjetil » 04 Mar 2020 12:50

This release has lots of improvements, especially for swing, the pianoroll, and the manual. Most improvements this time has been for the editor.

For the pianoroll, it's now possible to select/deselect notes by Ctrl-clicking notes (MAC: use the "Cmd" key instead of Ctrl). And it's also possible to create a selection-rectangle by pressing Ctrl and mouse-drag. (Mac: Again, use the "Cmd" key instead of Ctrl.)

Selected notes can be moved simultaneously, and it's also possible to change the start position, pitch nodes, and end position of all selected notes.
What's missing is cut/copy/paste/delete/transpose/etc. selected notes. How to do such operations needs more thinking. I'll probably end up combining "range" and selected notes somehow, but I don't know yet.


More options for Swing in the song properties window:

The most notable bug fix this time is for fixing mouse hovering in the editor on MacOS. After Radium 5.9.86, graphical elements has not been highlighted when mouse is above them, and information has not been displayed in the status bar. This bug was introduced in 5.9.86 when adding another workaround to prevent Apple's OpenGL library in macOS 10.14 and 10.15 from crashing in some situations. The fix does not remove this workaround.

Changes 5.9.96 -> 5.9.98:
  • Windows: Some adjustments to make the 32 bits
    version run longer without running out of memory.
    More work needed here.
  • Windows: Fix false positive malware detection in
    various VP software. Was mainly a problem with the
    32 bit version of Radium.
  • MacOS: Fix mouse hovering in the editor not working
    since 5.9.86.
  • Internal: Update S7
  • Editor: Moving a selected note in the pianoroll
    causes all other pianonotes to be moved as well.
    Same when moving the start/end/node of a pianonote.
  • Editor: Press Ctrl to select/unselect notes in the
  • Editor: Press Ctrl and drag mouse to create note
    selection rectangle in the pianoroll.
  • Internal: Upgrade JUCE from 5.4.3 to 5.4.7.
    • Linux: The old custom patches for the ALSA MIDI
      code in JUCE is still used, so there will be no
      change in the port naming scheme, or bad
      performance, even with the new version of JUCE.
  • VST/AU: Eliminate use of an unnecessary
    input/output buffer. May reduce CPU cache hits if
    using many VST/AU plugins.
  • Song properties: Extend the "Send global swing
    tempo to plugins and jack transport" text to
    include modulators, metronome, and jack tracksport
    as well.
  • Editor: Don't move FX if cursor is placed on a
    chancetext or centtext subtrack when pressing
    backspace or alt+backspace.
  • Editor: Make backspace and alt+backspace only
    operate on current FX if cursor is placed on an
    FX text subtrack.
  • Editor: Only create undo when pressing backspace or
    alt + backspace result in a change.
  • Editor: Make it possible to input rational and
    decimal numbers for shift+return.
  • Editor: Use ratios instead of floats for
    calculation when pressing backspace and
    alt+backspace. This fixes situations where
    rounding errors caused notes and other events to
    sometimes be placed right below the start of a
  • Internal: Various assertions that float and
    double numbers are valid.
  • Build: Compile with -Wfloat-equal.
  • OpenGL: If OpenGL crashes during startup, write
    explicitly that there's something wrong with the
    computer, to emphasize that it's not a bug in
    Radium. (One of the most common cause of crashes
    is people using the very unstable Nouveau graphics
    card driver for Nvidia cards on Linux.)
  • Build: Print source file name in green color.
  • Build: Display compilation time for each file.
  • Sequencer: Fix some minor issues when painting the
    sequencer and navigator bars.
  • Editor: Fix editor not being updated immediately
    after selecting paste block from the menus.
  • Disk: Fixes loading and saving songs with lineshift
    in the instrument names.
  • Editor: Make the tempo graph thicker, i.e. the
    timing track under "Grid". Also adjust color.
  • Swing:
    • Editor: Fix mouse cursor not changing shape to
      split-horizontal when cursor is above a place
      when it's possible to change width of track, and
      the next track has swing-text visible.
    • Editor: Fix undoing track swing.
    • Editor: Make backspace and alt+backspace work on
      track-swing if cursor is placed on a swing
    • Editor: Let the tempo graph display tempo of
      current track. Relevant when using track swings.
    • Player: Fix extreme swing values, and probably
      extreme values of other tempo types as well,
      which could cause inaccurate timing,
      assertions, and perhaps crashes.
    • Editor: Fix line cursor jumping to the wrong line
      when stopping to play.
    • Editor: Fix track swings not being taken into account
      when starting and stopping to play
    • Editor: Take track-swing into account when
      displaying waveforms.
    • Sequencer: Make it optional whether to display
      track-swinging beats in editor tracks in editor
    • Sequencer: Make it optional whether to use
      block-swing when displaying beats in the
    • Sequencer: Make it optional whether to use
      block-swing for the grid.
  • Editor: Don't set current track to track 0 when
    undoing/redoing and cursor was positioned on a
    timing track when creating the undo.
  • Editor: Fix loosing BPM "glide" state when undoing,
    redoing, copying, pasting, and cutting.
  • GUI: Fix accidentally pressing Ctrl+Z in the
    terminal after moving a pianonote outside the
    boundaries of a pianoroll, making it seem
    like Radium had frozen. What actually happened
    was that the mouse pointer was forcefully moved
    outside the the main Radium window.
  • Build: Fix various null-dereference gcc 8 warnings.
  • Build: Fix building using Debian Buster 10.2.
    (another sh -> bash fix).
  • GUI: Fix memory corruption if first message
    displayed in the status bar is exactly 10
    characters long.
  • Preferences: Add line/beat/bar opacity options to
    the "Editor"-tab.
  • Editor: Fix subtracting 250 from bar and beat
    opacities before rendering.
  • Editor: Fix dragging vertical scrollbar up and
    down. Broken in 5.9.96.
  • Editor: Fix mouse wheel not always working in the
  • Manual: Various updates, mainly to the editor.
  • API:
    • sendKeyEvent, optimizedBuild, gui_postKeyEvent,
      getNoteNum, hasSelectedNotes,
      hidePianorollSelectionRectangle, getAllNotes.

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