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Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 25 Sep 2020 14:33
by kjetil
(Note! In the newsletter for Radium 6.5.72, the link to the full announcement unfortunately landed here. Go to viewtopic.php?f=6&t=319 to see the full announcment for Radium 6.5.72)

Many bug fixes and some new features.

Most visible feature this time is the possibility to include the sequencer in the bottom of the mixer. This is a convenient feature if you have two screens and want to dedicate one screen for the editor and use the other screen for everything else. Notice the new "S" button:
radium_mixer_6_4_76.png (129.41 KiB) Viewed 5013 times

Another notable feature is latency compensation when recording audio from the sound card, a feature that should have been implemented a long time ago:
radium_system_input_latency_compensation.png (18.62 KiB) Viewed 5013 times

And finally, there is a new GUI to edit keybindings. Select "Edit keybindings" in the Help menu to open:
radium_edit_keybindings.png (117.88 KiB) Viewed 5013 times

Changes 6.3.84 -> 6.4.76:
  • MacOS: More fixes for the sequencer graphics not
    always being updated after resizing.
  • Windows: Fix incorrect error message sometimes
    popping up about wrong number of bytes written to
  • Keybindings: Add GUI to edit keybindings. Select
    "Edit keybindings" in the Help menu to open.
  • Mac/Editor: Fix mouse pointer sometimes behaving
    weirdly if moving outside the edges while editing.
    (Just turned off window edge-handling for mac.)
  • FaustDev: Improve line number margin width in the
    text editor.
  • Demo songs: Clean up mixer object positions in the
    Romance song.
  • FaustDev: Use fixed-width (mono-sized) font in the
    code editor.
  • Audio: Fix inaccurate latency values when the
    sampler player or seqtrack plugin has audio inputs.
    Since audio is not normally sent through these two
    instruments (the input connectors are mainly used
    for recording audio only), we don't usually want
    input latency added to the output latency.
  • Sequencer: Show time under mouse cursor in
    statusbar when mouse is in the time area and
    nothing else is currently shown in the statusbar.
  • Mixer: Add popup menu for connections.
  • Mixer strips: Fix the "Delete plugin ..." option in
    the popup menu.
  • Instruments: Add preferences-option to enable
    Sample Seek / MIDI Chase by default when creating a
    new instrument.
  • Manual: Update documentation about sample seek and
    MIDI chase. (Tooltip for the "S" button updated
    as well.)
  • Instruments: Fix showing current instrument when
    undoing/redoing creating MIDI instrument.
  • Mixer strips: Always show the "Set current
    instrument" entry below the "Force as current
    instrument" checkbox in the popup menu.
  • Sequencer: Fix graphics not updating immediately
    after undoing stretching seqblock.
  • Audio: Add latency compensation when recording from
    input connections in the sequencer and in the
    sampler instrument. Automatically determined by
    default, but it's also possible to set a custom
  • Audio: Compensate for soundcard input/output
    latency when recording from system input.
    Implemented both for recording in the sequencer,
    and for recording in the sampler instrument.
  • Jack: Fix connecting audio input and output for
    "System in" and "System out" instruments when there
    are both physical MIDI ports and physical audio
  • Jack: Show message during startup if connecting
    system input ports failed.
  • Jack: Fix auto-connecting Jack ports when there
    both physical MIDI ports and physical audio ports.
  • Jack: Fix not always working to set name of Jack
    input ports.
  • GUI: Add option to put the sequencer in the bottom
    of the mixer instead of in the lower tabs in
    main window.
  • Sequencer: Fix shift-right-clicking multiple
  • Sequencer: Fix Shift + rightclick to delete
    seqblock. Bug probably introduced in 5.9.99.
  • Sequencer: Fix various situations where the
    graphics was not updated.
  • API:
    • Renamed: mainMixerIsInWindow->mainMixerInWindow,
    • New: sequencerInMixer, setSequencerInMixer,
      switchSequencerInMixer, sequencerInMainTabs,
      configureSequencerWidget, gui_getMixerYSplitter,
      setEnableSampleSeekByDefault, gui_editor,
      gui_editorLoadFile, gui_editorSetFile,
      gui_editorSave, gui_editorFind,
    • writeToFile: Change return type from int to bool.
      (Returns false if writing failed.)

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 25 Sep 2020 23:17
by bekki
Hey so im trying out the demo and got an error code.
Im just posting it in any case its usefull for u.

It happens when i try to move a note.
or try to input a stretched note. not for the standard 16th note u input first.

2020-09-26 01:16:44:
error: radium-api
Last API entry: noteIsSelected.
Error: Note with id 1841840 in track #-1 in block #-1 note found

error-code: (define note-is-selected (ra:note-is-selected noteid))

error-file/line: #f[673]


"(define note-is-selected (ra:note-is-selected noteid))"

"(move-pianonote pianonotenum move-type (if (ra:control-pressed) Value (round Value)) Place (pianonote-info :noteid) (pianonote-info :tracknum))"
"(- 13 0)"

"(- 12 0)"

"(- 11 0)"

"(- 10 0)"

"(- 8493/1057 0)"

"(- 7 0)"

"(- 4 0)"

"(- 0 0)"

"(- 4 0)"

"(- 0 0)"

"(- 4 0)"

"(- 0 0)"



"(hash-table-set! {table}-9 :height height)"

"(hash-table-set! {table}-9 :width width)"

"(hash-table-set! {table}-9 :y2 y2)"

"(hash-table-set! {table}-9 :x2 x2)"

"(hash-table-set! {table}-9 :y1 y1)"

"(hash-table-set! {table}-9 :x1 x1)"

"(hash-table-set! {table}-9 :y y)"

"(hash-table-set! {table}-9 :x x)"

"(let* (({table}-9 (make-hash-table 8 (cons eq? box-struct-mapper))) ({keys}-13 '(x y x1 y1 x2 y2 width height))) (hash-table-set! {table}-9 :x x) (hash-table-set! {table}-9 :y y) (hash-table-set! {table}-9 :x1 x1) (hash-table-set! {table}-9 :y1 y1) (hash-table-set! {table}-9 :x2 x2) (hash-table-set! {table}-9 :y2 y2) (hash-table-set! {table}-9 :width width) (hash-table-set! {table}-9 :height height) {table}-9)"

"(/ (apply + numbers) (length numbers))"
"(/ (apply + numbers) (length numbers))"
"(make-box :x (average $x1 $x2) :y (average $y1 $y2) :x1 $x1 :y1 $y1 :x2 $x2 :y2 $y2 :width (- $x2 $x1) :height (- $y2 $y1))"

(tracknum . 1) (noteid . "1841840") (place . same-place) (value . 58) (move-type . move-all) (pianonotenum . 0) (move-start . #f) (move-end . #f) ...

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 26 Sep 2020 05:48
by kjetil

Thank you for reporting. I can't reproduce this exact error message, but I can create a similar error message if moving a note while playing song.

Were you moving notes in the pianoroll when this happened?

Was the program playing when this happened? And if playing, did it happen when the program changed to a different block while you were moving a note?

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 26 Sep 2020 07:56
by kjetil
Now I got the same error message when moving a pianonote in one block while the program switched to another block while playing song.

It's actually not supported to edit in a different block than the one that is currently playing. Of course, there shouldn't be a cryptic error message, so that must be fixed, but would it be important to be able to edit in a different block than what is currently playing?

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 26 Sep 2020 15:20
by bekki
Not really i guess. But its nice knowing why it happend. IS there anyway u can copy block contents between different blocks. So u dont have to set instruments to a specific channel everytime u start a new block.

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 26 Sep 2020 15:44
by kjetil
Yes, of course. :) In the "ClipBoard" menu: Shift + Ctrl + C / Shift + Ctrl + V

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 26 Sep 2020 16:58
by bekki
Cool thanks. Any tips for cutting up breaks in radium or would u recommend using another program for that. I really like the way u can hear notes when u go over them without starting play. Makes it easy to write chords.

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 27 Sep 2020 08:06
by kjetil
Yes, you might want to use another program for that. Radium doesn't have a sound editor built-in. You can use the "Start position" effect, in the sampler player instrument, in create ways, but it's probably more efficient to use a tool made for that sort of thing.

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 29 Sep 2020 10:39
by kjetil
Radium 6.4.77 released. This is an emergency release to fix a rare crash when deleting a sampler instrument that has GUI open, and to fix importing MIDI files. Note that some MIDI files are still not imported properly when using Windows. This will hopefully be fixed in a later release. (sorry bekki, I forgot to fix the bug you reported above before releasing. I'm putting it into my TODO list now.)

Changelog 6.4.76 -> 6.4.77:
* Autobackup: Don't create autobackup for demo songs.
* Instruments: Fix rare crash (only seen on osx) when
deleting a Sampler instrument that has a GUI open.
* Internal: Various general checks and assertions to
avoid crashes when deleting an audio instrument.
* MIDI: Fix import MIDI file. Note that some MIDI
files are still not loaded when using Windows. This
will hopefully be fixed in the next release.

Re: Radium 6.4.76 released

Posted: 29 Sep 2020 11:01
by kjetil
For windows users: Beware that WASAPI mode is currently broken in the version of Portaudio that is included with Radium if you select "Playback only" in qjackctl. I will update portaudio when this has been fixed.