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Radium 6.5.72 released

Posted: 03 Nov 2020 16:37
by kjetil
Radium 6.5.72 is released. This is a big release with many bug fixes, some new features, and many minor improvements.

Most work this time has been used improving A/B settings in the mixer. Transitioning from one setting to another is smoother, and some bugs have been fixed. General CPU usage for audio should be lower as well in some situations because of this work.

In addition, it's also possible to select which A/B settings you want to apply:
radium_mixer_ab_6_5_72.png (37.89 KiB) Viewed 3741 times

For windows users, this release contains two significant improvements:
  1. Fix that it was impossible to move the mixer window when running in it's own window. This bug was introduced in 6.4.76.
  2. Prevent virus killers from scanning Ladspa plugins during program startup. Sometimes this could delay program startup time by many minutes. Startup time has been reduced significantly on Linux (and probably macOS) as well.
Some other notable features are: working modulator connections in .mrec files, mute/bypass/solo works for event connections as well as for audio connections, options to load prev/next vst program, options to load prev/next preset file, popup-menu for mixer connections, and various improvements to latency handling.

Note: Due to partial lockdown, I have not tested the macOS release this time. Please report immediately if it doesn't work.

Changes 6.4.77 -> 6.5.72:
  • Windows: Fix borderless mixer window. Bug
    introduced in 6.4.76.
  • Mixer: Fix remembering window position.
  • Sampler instrument: Add entries to edit keybindings
    to the popup menu of the "R" button.
  • Audio: Add entries to the instrument effect popup
    menu for adding keybinding to change effect
  • GUI: Increase performance a little bit for effect
    sliders and other things.
  • Instrument widget: Fix immediately updating graphics
    of solo and mute buttons when changing solo.
  • Mixer: Add "Insert plugin" and "Connetion enabled"
    entries to the connection popup menu.
  • Instruments: Remove the "T" (through) button for
    MIDI instruments (served no purpose).
  • Audio: Cache ladspa plugin info so that they don't
    have to be loaded during program startup. Only
    info for included ladspa plugins are cached for
    now. This fixes very long startup time on windows
    when realtime virus scanning is enabled, but even
    startup times on Linux (and probably MacOS) is
    notably shorter.
  • Audio: Generally improve CPU usage by being more
    aggresive about not mixing audio when the output
    of a sound object is silent.
  • Audio: Increase audio level allowed to autosuspend
    a sound object. May lower CPU usage in some
  • Windows: Remove some unnecessary info from
    crashreporter message.
  • Audio: Increase number of frames to fade out/in
    from 1024 to 2048 when changing mute on/off and
    various other things.
  • Audio: Don't recalculate latencies on the fly when
    a sound object is muted, auto-suspended, volume set
    to 0, and possibly other situations. Although
    constantly running mimumum latencies uses less
    CPU, doing this can also cause audible artifacts.
    E.g. if a plugin reports a latency of 2048 frames,
    we always compensate for a latency of 2048 frames
    in parallel running sound objects in the audio
    graph, even when the plugin makes no sound.
  • Modulators/preset: Fix modulator connections when
    loading .mrec files.
  • Mixer: Fix undo when creating new sound object
    from preset file by using keybinding.
  • Mixer: Fix assertion window popping up when
    creating new sound object from preset file by
    using keybinding.
  • Mixer: Make it configurable which A/B settings to
    apply. Click the button with a settings icon to
    configure. The options are:
    • audio connections
    • event connections
    • volume
    • panning
    • mute/solo/bypass
    • system effects
    • instrument effects
    • instrument states
    • mixer strips configuration
    • remember current instrument
    • modulator connections.
    • system volume
    Only audio connections, event connections, volume,
    panning, "mute solo bypass", and "remember current
    instrument" are enabled by default in new songs.
  • Sequencer: Fix wrong editor seqblock positions
    after undoing changing block tempos.
  • Mixer: Update connection line gfx immediately
    after changing solo for an instrument.
  • GUI: Fix Return and Enter keys working in tables.
    Bug introduced in last release .
  • Plugins: When loading song, don't try to set
    illegal program number if program number on disk
    is a negative number or higher than the number of
    programs provded the plugin. Fixes crash in at
    least one AU plugin.
  • Audio: Don't send events though (i.e. when "T" is
    enabled), when an instrument is implicitly muted
    and "Implicitly mute MIDI the same way as audio"
    is enabled.
  • Audio: Fix updating implicit mute/solo when
    removing a connection.
  • MIDI: Add the option "Implicitly mute MIDI the
    same way as audio" to song properties. I.e. when
    soloing, we also mute MIDI in implicitly muted
    instruments. This option is enabled by default for
    new songs, and disabled by default for old songs
    (to make sure they continue to sound the same).
  • Audio: Make transition from one A/B setting to
    another much smoother. Now solo, connections, and
    instrument effects are all changed at the same
  • Audio: Fix latency compensation being wrong in
    some (very) rare cases when recording from system
    input. Happened sometimes when there were event
    connections in the audio graph.
  • Preferences: Make it clearer what latencies are
    used in the "Latency compensation when recording
    from system input" option.
  • MIDI: Compensate for latency when playing notes.
    By default it only compensates for "System out"
  • Preferences: Changed tab order a little bit.
  • Preferences: Moved various things from the "Audio"
    tab to the "Instruments" tab.
  • Instrument widget: Support right-clicking the
    A/B-buttons and the GUI button.
  • Sequencer: Less experimental default granulation
  • Mixer: Remember current instrument in a/b.
  • Instrument widget: Support right-clicking the
    "Replace" and "Load" buttons to configure
  • FaustDev: Fix missing info from the info window.
  • Instrument widgets: Don't display multi-presets
    when asked to load/replace preset.
  • Disk: Don't put program into an endless message
    loop when loading an erroneous .rad/.rec/etc.
  • Instrument widget: Add "prev preset" and
    "next preset" buttons to quickly switch to
    previous or next preset in the directory where the
    instrument was loaded from (if loaded from preset
    file). If instrument was not loaded from a preset
    file, select prev/next preset from default or last
    used directory instead.
  • Instruments: Save preset filename to disk if
    instrument was loaded from a preset file.
  • Audio: Name VST/AU programs and not presets.
    "Program" is the common name, plus that "preset"
    can be confused with radium presets.
  • Instruments widget: Remove the program number-
    widget. Incorporate the number into the program
    name-button instead.
  • Instruments widget: Add "prev program" and "next
    program" buttons. Assign keybindings by
    right-clicking the buttons.
  • Instruments widget: Immediately update autosuspend
    button graphics when changing autosuspending type.
  • Audio: Change instruments to not send out events
    (i.e notes, MIDI messages, etc.) when they are
    muted. Same with bypass. Old songs behave as
    before, but this can be changed in the Song
  • GUI: Draw an SVG image for the various "reset ab"-
    buttons. Before this, a question mark was drawn
    instead of the curly arrow utf-8 character when
    running on windows.
  • Editor: Add option to select current block in the
    popup menu for the padlock-checkbox in the lower
    left corner.
  • Sequencer: Remove graphical garbage from the row
    of pixels placed between the seqtrack headers and
    the area to the right of the headers.
  • Editor: Fix various error messages popping up when
    switching current block while moving a pianonote.
  • API:
    • New: getNumInstrumentPrograms,
      getInstrumentProgramName, getDirPath,
      getPathWithoutDir, getInstrumentPresetPath,
      getInstrumentPreset, selectInstrumentConfigNum,
      instrumentEffectExists, getInstrumentEffectType.
    • Deleted: setInstrumentIsImplicitlyMuted, setInstrumentIsImplicitlySoloed

Re: Radium 6.5.72 released

Posted: 07 Nov 2020 10:10
by kjetil
Radium 6.5.73 released. Emergency release to fix crash if changing A/B in the mixer while creating a connection. Probably an old bug, so it probably doesn't happen very often, but it's still a crash bug.

Changes 6.4.72 -> 6.5.73:
  • Mixer: Don't crash if changing A/B while creating
    a connection.
  • API:
    • Fix documentation for getInstrumentEffect and
    • New: getStoredNativeInstrumentEffect.

Re: Radium 6.5.72 released

Posted: 08 Nov 2020 13:43
by kjetil
Heads up: Several Ladspa plugins outputs audio only in the first channel in Radium 6.5.72 and 6.5.73. A new version should come up later today, but until then you can fix this manually by deleting all ".cached_type_info" and ".cached_library_info" files under bin/ladspa/.

Re: Radium 6.5.72 released

Posted: 08 Nov 2020 18:27
by kjetil
Radium 6.5.74 released. Emergency release to fix broken mono ladspa plugins.

Changes 6.5.73 -> 6.5.74:
  • Audio: Remove some unnecessary audio buffers that
    were used when processing Ladspa plugins. Might
    decrease CPU usage by using less CPU cache for
    audio data. (Note that badly written Ladspa
    plugins could misbehave after this change.)
  • Audio: Fix audio only in left channel for mono
    Ladspa plugins where plugin info was cached to
    avoid having to open the plugin during program
    startup. Bug introduced in 6.5.72