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Radium 6.5.81 released

Posted: 29 Nov 2020 11:00
by kjetil
This release contains a few notable new features and a couple of bug fixes.

Most work has been put into the sampe player instrument this time. Most notable new feature is that it's now possible to define custom loop start and loop end positions:

radium_sampler_6_5_81.png (80.57 KiB) Viewed 2783 times

New options in preferences for the sample player looping:

radium_preferences_instruments_6_5_81.png (15.55 KiB) Viewed 2783 times

In addition, there's bug fixes for crossfade looping and ping-ping looping. Beware that these two bug fixes can make your song sound different (see changelog for details).

Sample-seek also works with looping now.

The other new feature worth mentioning is that the "Block lock" function (enabled by checking the padlock in the lower left corner) now works even when playing song.

Changes 6.5.79 -> 6.5.81:
  • Mixer: Change function used when assigning
    keybinding to "Generate new color" in the popup
    menu. Before: generateNewInstrumentColor.
    Now: generateNewColorForAllSelectedInstruments.
  • Editor: Don't pause player when scrolling up or
    down when current editor-block is not playing.
  • Editor: Never let player change editor-block when
    a block is editor-locked.
  • Editor: Tweak keybindings for general transposing.
    Now they only work when the editor has keyboard
  • Sequencer: Fix horizontal alignment for the name
    of seqtracks when the names are too large for the
    assigned space.
  • Sampler instrument: Make sample-seek work with
  • Sampler instrument: Fix crossfade when the start
    of the loop is higher than 0.
  • Sampler instrument: Add "AHDSR on/off" effect.
  • Sampler instrument: Reorganize effect order a
    little bit.
  • Sampler instrument: Fix ping-pong loop looping
    between loop start/end and not between the
    start/end of the sample.
  • Sampler instrument: Make it possible to define
    custom start/end loop points.
  • API: keepOldLoopWhenLoadingNewSample,

Re: Radium 6.5.81 released

Posted: 02 Dec 2020 15:41
by kjetil
Radium 6.5.82 released. Emergency release to fix most VST2 plugins only having one channel.

Changes 6.5.81 -> 6.5.82:
  • Audio: Fix more than half of VST2 plugins being
    loaded as mono plugins, even when they are not.
    (The fix uses code written by falkTX.)
  • Sequencer: Fix memory leak in automation painter.
  • Sampler instrument: Display sustain value as dB.

Re: Radium 6.5.81 released

Posted: 02 Dec 2020 16:51
by kjetil
This release also fixes VST3 plugins. VST3 plugins have the same problem, but it's not so visible since correct number of channels are displayed in the plugin manager.

Re: Radium 6.5.81 released

Posted: 05 Dec 2020 12:36
by kjetil
Radium 6.5.83 released. Emergency release to fix reverse in the sample player instrument.

Changes 6.5.82 -> 6.5.83:
  • Mixer strips: Set max width of a strip.
  • Mixer strips: Pack strips to the left if the
    strips can't fill all available horizontal space.
    Instead of spreading them out evenly, that is.
  • Sequencer: Keep track on/off and fade data when
    replacing block or audiofile in seqblock.
  • Sampler instrument: Fix playing reverse sample in
    non-looping mode.
  • Plugins: Fixes displaying correct number of
    channels for VST2 plugins in the plugin manager.

Re: Radium 6.5.81 released

Posted: 06 Dec 2020 19:06
by kjetil
Radium 6.5.84 released. Emergency release to fix crash when pressing the "S" button in the mixer when the sequencer is in "Full" mode.

Changes 6.5.83 -> 6.5.84:
  • GUI: Don't crash when pressing the "S" button in
    the mixer and the sequencer is in full mode.
  • GUI: General fix to prevent program from crashing
    if going into an endless recursive loop.
  • Sequencer: Remember current seqtrack when undoing
    and redoing.
  • Sequencer: Remove flickering when undoing and
  • Build: Fix compiling Pd using gcc/clang 10+
  • Mixer strips: Fix width of the arrow separating
    non-bus and bus strips.