Radum 6.8.71 released

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Radum 6.8.71 released

Post by kjetil » 03 Mar 2021 12:09

Most time has been spent converting editor automation (FX) to the new datastructure. This means that changes are now heard immediately. It is also necessary for future work. Besides that, the release contains
various minor improvements and bug fixes, mostly for the editor.

Changes 6.7.76 -> 6.8.71:
  • Scripting: Update S7.
  • NSM: Never autoconnect jack ports when nsm is
  • Editor/mouse: Fix moving an element after
    previously moving that element beyond a limit.
    Before, when moving that element again, the
    element would automatically jump the same number
    of pixels in the opposite direction first. (The
    fix was only necessary on Linux and Windows.)
  • Modulators: Don't break chronological order when
    adding or removing a modulator.
  • Mixer: Keep crologocial order for the plugin
  • Fonts: Display currently used font in font
    requester when changing editor font or system
  • Fonts: Fix saving custom editor font to settings.
  • Editor/cursor: Try to move to the same subtrack
    when using Ctrl + J.
  • Editor/cursor: Make sure cursor is visible after
    changing zoom value.
  • Editor/cursor: Make sure the complete current
    track is visible when scrolling left/right and
    there's enough space. Before, we only made sure
    the complete current subtrack was visible.
  • Editor/cursor: Fix showing full subtrack when
    moving cursor to a subtrack that is outside the
    visible area.
  • Editor/cursor: Fix cursor sometimes moving to the
    wrong place when moving left or right in the
    timing tracks.
  • Editor/cursor: Fix cursor moving to the same
    subtrack when moving cursor to the left or right
  • Editor/FX: Fix popup menu for adding an already
    used FX to a track.
  • Editor/FX: When creating new FX, make sure the
    initial length is equal to visible line length
    (i.e. take LZ into account).
  • Editor/FX: Convert FX (i.e. effect automation in
    the editor) to the new data structure:
    • Better performance (should be more notable in
      later releases though).
    • Changes are heard immediately and player never
      has to be paused.
    • Necessary for future plans.
  • API:
    • New: setCurrentTrack, getCurrentTrack,
      getCurrentSubtrack, getTrackVisible,
      canCursorMoveToTrack, getLeftmostCursorTrack.
    • Make -2 the default subtrack value for

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Re: Radum 6.8.71 released

Post by fxt » 09 Mar 2021 21:31

woohoo :D

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