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Radium 6.9.69 released

Posted: 23 Apr 2021 11:21
by kjetil
This release contains some new features and some bug fixes.

Most notable change this time is that the "Main pipe" and the five default effect buses have been converted from pipes to sequencer buses:
radium_buses_6_9_69.png (89.31 KiB) Viewed 1514 times
In addition, it's now configurable how many channels a sequencer bus has. By default a sequencer bus has 2 channels, but it can be set to any number between 1 and 99 in the "Song properties" window.

Changes 6.9.67 -> 6.9.69:
  • Windows: Fix showing current system font when
    opening the "change system font" requester.
  • Windows: Fix using "Lato Black" as the default
    system font.
  • Editor: Fix hanging notes when recording MIDI and
    not using Jack. MIDI recording accuracy, though,
    is slightly worse now when not using jack for
    audio. This can be compensated by using smaller
    audio buffers.
  • Load: Fix assertion window popping up when loading
    some songs. The assertion was innocent though. Bug
    introduced in 6.9.63.
  • Song properties: Remove option to select 2 or 8
    channel main pipe.
  • Song Properties: Add option to set number of audio
    channels for buses. (between 1 and 99 channels)
  • Sequencer: Add seqtrack "Visible" checkbox to the
    seqtrack popup menu.
  • Sequencer: Remove all audio file options from the
    Bus seqtrack popup menu.
  • Sequencer: Disable ability to record audio files
    into Bus seqtracks.
  • Audio: Only display used output channels in the
    audio meters for patch instruments.
  • Audio meters: Make the default green color lighter.
  • Audio: Convert "Main Pipe" and the 5 effect
    buses from pipes to sequencer buses.
  • Audio: Rename "Main Pipe" to "Main Bus".
  • Audio: Remove the "Enable piping" effect
    from sequencer buses.
  • Audio: Make the "Main Bus" sequencer bus
    visible by default. The 5 effect buses are not
    visible by default.
  • Macos: Fix importing mod files
  • Internal: Various changes.
  • API:
    • New: getInstrumentEffects, setInstrumentEffects,
      seqtrackIsPermanent, seqtrackIsBus, moveSeqtrack,
    • Let appendSeqtrack, appendEditorSeqtrack,
      appendAudioSeqtrack, and appendBusSeqtrack
      return the seqtrack number for the newly created
    • Rename sendSysex -> sendMidiSysex.