Radium 6.9.71 released

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Radium 6.9.71 released

Post by kjetil » 06 May 2021 16:01

Most work this time has been spent converting note velocities to the new data structure. That work has not been finished though. This release, however, contains some bug fixes, see changelog below.

(Also note that the Notam web server will be down on this sunday due to building work cutting off the electricity temporarily. Unfortunately, this might happen again later as well. It has already happened a couple of times already in the last month.)

Changes 6.9.69 -> 6.9.71:
  • Linux: Fix importing MOD files in the binaries.
    (Probably broken in 6.7.76.)
  • Sampler instrument / Fluidsynth instrument: Made
    soundfile text color a little bit darker.
  • Editor: Display "Automatically set pianoroll
    range" in the status bar when the mouse pointer is
    above an "A" button in the track headers.
  • Sampler instrument: Fix sample browser stealing
    keyboard focus when the current instrument is
    changed to an instrument that had keyboard focus
    inside the sample browser the last time it was
  • Editor: Don't show assertion reporter in release
    mode when note structure is slightly corrupt.
  • Sampler instrument: Fix illegal samples being
    played if loading an audio file with less than 32
    samples, or a sample loop is less than 32 samples.
    Fixes playing chip tune MOD songs for instance.
    Bug introduced in 6.5.81
  • Sequencer: If soundfile is shorter than last time
    it was used in Radium, also cut seqblock
    automation so that nodes are not placed after the
    end of the file (where they can't be edited).
  • Build: Fix faust llvm build. Should fix #1339
  • Sequencer: Give more detailed information if a
    sound file couldn't be opened.
  • Sequencer: Handle properly if an audio file is
    physically replaced with a file with different
    number of channels while the program is running.

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Re: Radium 6.9.71 released

Post by kjetil » 12 May 2021 11:34

Radium 6.9.72 released.

This is an emergency release to fix editing BPM values in the editor. The release also contains some fixes for editing colors, and there's a new popup menu option in the sequencer called "Duplicate seqblock and block", which inserts a new editor seqblock placed right after the current seqblock containing a clone of the current block.

Changes 6.9.71 -> 6.9.72:
  • Sequencer: Add a "Duplicate seqblock and block"
    option to the editor seqblock popup menu.
  • Mixer: Make current mixer slot color red.
  • Mixer: Make the sound object ports more visible.
  • Mixer: Improved sound object port graphics.
  • Colors: Made it possible to configure the color of
    the current slot.
  • Colors: Made the audio port color in the mixer
  • Colors: Make it possible to configure the
    out-grayed color in the editor when a custom
    widget has keyboard focus.
  • Colors: Make it possible to configure dialog
    help text color.
  • Menus: Fix selecting "Show/Hide Mixer" and
    "Show/Hide Sequencer" without using shortcuts.
  • Editor: Fix editing BPM. Bug introduced in 6.8.71.

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