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Radium 6.9.74 relased

Posted: 25 May 2021 15:22
by kjetil
This release contains many GUI tweaks and some improvements to the Sampler instrument. For instance, the crossfade effect now works with custom loops, and there is a new effect called "Loop window":

radium_sampler_6_9_74.png (67.94 KiB) Viewed 1881 times

Changes 6.9.72 -> 6.9.74:
  • GUI: Made it possible to configure all label
    colors. Before this, it was hardcoded to light
  • Sequencer: Made it possible to configure the
    editor seqtrack header backgound color
    separately. Before, it just used the "Sequencer
    background" color.
  • Sampler instrument: Made the crossfade slider
    exponential so that it'll be possible to set
    accurate small values.
  • Sequencer: Paint name of current editor seqblock
    in white color also in the navigator widgets.
  • GUI: Adjust default colors a little bit.
  • Editor: Fix assertion reporter popping up when
    changing number of tracks in "block properties"
    while playing.
  • GUI: Paint gradient background color for various
  • Editor: Tweak tempo multiplier slider graphics a
    little bit. Also make the colors for the slider
  • Playlist: Use same colors as in the sequencer and
    paint a border around current entries instead of
    using a different background color. Also paint a
    small border around non-current entries.
  • Sample instrument/Fluidsynth instrument: Make sure
    the sample browser is wide enough to show all text
    of normal-sized filenames.
  • GUI: Make all buttons have the "Buttons" color.
  • GUI: Make group boxes easier to see.
  • Sampler instrument: Support loop crossfade when
    using custom loop start/end points.
  • Sampler instrument: New effect "Loop window".
  • Internal: Change main timer interval from 5ms to
    15ms. This might lighten up CPU usage a little bit.

Re: Radium 6.9.74 relased

Posted: 27 May 2021 11:46
by kjetil
Radium 6.9.75 released. This is an emergency release to fix loading songs with custom loops in the Sampler instrument.

Changes 6.9.74 -> 6.9.75:
  • GUI: Tweak default background color of the editor
    and the modular mixer.
  • Audio/MIDI: Fix erroneous error message
    ("RT_free failed") possibly being displayed when
    sending and receing MIDI from VST plugins. Bug
    probably introduced around 6.9.66.
  • Sequencer: Warn about non-linear mapping if
    loading an older song that has Crossover
    automation for the sampler instrument.
  • Editor: Warn about non-linear mapping if loading
    an older song that has Crossover automation for
    the sampler instrument.
  • Mixer: Made it possible to configure the
    background color of the modular mixer separately.
  • Sampler instrument: Fix loading songs with custom
  • API: Fix wrong error message possibly being
    displayed when sending/receiving MIDI.