Radium 5.1.3 released

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Radium 5.1.3 released

Post by kjetil » 12 Sep 2017 08:06

Right click buttons to change key bindings in the Edit tab,
"modulo move notes" functions added to the Edit tab, shuffle
notes functions added to the Edit tab, plus various bug
fixes and minor improvements.

Changes 5.0.11 -> 5.1.3:
  • Windows32: Remove some console printing that could have caused
    importing xm modules to fail.
  • Build: Delete the radium_plugin_scanner binaries when
    executing "make clean"
  • Current mixer strip: Make the "Hide mixer strip" popup menu
    option work.
  • Keyboard: Fix bug causing Right Ctrl to always be registered
    as Left Ctrl. (Not discovered until now since almost all
    default keybindings bound to Left Ctrl are also bound to
    Right Ctrl.)
  • Ctrl + J: Fix ",x", where "x" is track number. Earlier the
    cursor also jumped to line 0. When there is nothing before the
    comma, Ctrl + J is only supposed to move the cursor
  • Edit: Tell the player to reload notes after changing them.
    No need to restart player or wait until it starts from the
    beginning of a block or range before hearing the difference.
  • Instrument widget: Fix "Add automation to current editor track"
    and "Add automation to current sequencer track".
  • GUI: Ensure that we have keyboard focus when closing a window.
    Fixes so that you don't have to click inside the editor to get
    focus back. This problem was especially notable on Windows.
  • Edit: Functions to shuffle pitch values.
  • Settings: Take backup of old file before overwriting
    configuration file.
  • Linux: Fix for rare crash related to mouse movement.
  • Keyboard (linux/osx): Fix keyboard handler not immediately
    registering when mouse moved to a different area.
  • GUI: Add "Set/Change/Remove keybinding" options to the popup
    menu for all buttons in the Edit tab.
  • Menus: Add "Reload keyboard configuration" to the help menu.
  • Edit: Functions to modulo-move notes up or down.
  • Editor: Don't show assertion reporter if undoing after
    increasing number of lines when a track has swing.
  • Html viewer: Let Ctrl + +/- zoom out/in.
  • API:
    • Make gui_setText also work on Text classes
    • New functions: getNoteId, reloadKeybindings, setKeybinding,
      getKeybindingsFromCommands, getKeybindingFromCommand,
      getKeybindingsFromKeys, getKeybindingFromKeys, setKeybinding,
      grabKeybinding, removeKeybinding,
      getPath, getHomePath, getProgramPath, getPathString,
      appendFilePaths, openFileForReading, openFileForWriting,
      closeFile, writeToFile, fileAtEnd, readLineFromFile,

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