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graphical card and radium wich choose

Posted: 16 Sep 2021 21:40
by dtcrnk
in the past there is some problem with graphical card with radium .
do you have advice (brand or model) as i use to make some little video project and picture montage too


thank's in advance for your answers

Re: graphical card and radium wich choose

Posted: 17 Sep 2021 13:18
by kjetil
Hi, here's the GFX cards I know with issues:

Nvidia on Linux: Don't use the nouveau driver. The nouveau driver is very likely to freeze your computer when running any opengl program (not just radium). The performance is also very bad when using this driver. However, the nvidia driver has no problems as far as I know.

Intel GFX on Windows: Recently there have been some problems with wrong font size in the editor if you have a high dpi screen, or have set the display scale to something other than 100%. This might be a bug in Radium though, which should be fixed. You might also have to disable "run in separate thread" under preferences/opengl when running intel on windows to avoid very long stutters.

Other than that there are no known problems. Earlier, Nvidia cards ran much faster than AMD cards for equally specked cards, when used in Radium, but I haven't tried an AMD card for about 5 years. My guess is that this is still the case though.

In general: Get an nvidia card, and if you are on Linux, get rid of the extremely buggy nouveau gfx driver.

Re: graphical card and radium wich choose

Posted: 17 Sep 2021 15:47
by dtcrnk
hello yes i'm on linux i know that nouveau has bad result i will try to find an nvidia card thank's for your answers