Radium 6.9.80 released

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Radium 6.9.80 released

Post by kjetil » 25 Jun 2021 14:41

Radium 6.9.80 is a big release.

Most work this time has gone into converting note velocities to the new data structure. Now you hear changes immediately when editing velocities while playing. The change is also necessary for future work such as converting the editor from using OpenGL to using Vulkan.

However, the most notable change this time is probably that blocks are not automatically selected anymore when pointed to by the mouse pointer in the sequencer. The same goes for the current seqtrack. To get the old behavior back, just enable these three checkboxes under Preferences -> Sequencer:

radium_preferences_sequencer_6_9_80.png (13.94 KiB) Viewed 2177 times

Another requested option is to let the mouse scroll wheel scroll the sequencer tracks up and down instead of starting and stopping the player. By default, the wheel still starts and stops playing though, but at least you now have the option to change this behavior under Preferences -> Sequencer:

radium_preferences_sequencer2_6_9_80.png (12.23 KiB) Viewed 2177 times

Another new option in Preferences is to change the amount of gradient for the colors in the program (is this called "gradiation" by the way?):

radium_preferences_colors_6_9_80.png (39.2 KiB) Viewed 2177 times

For the mixer strips, a volume handler is now painted so that it becomes easier to see the values: (Also note the new gradiation for the audio meters, making it easier than before to separate the audio channels from each other.)

radium_mixer_6_9_80.png (75.3 KiB) Viewed 2177 times

Besides this the release contains several other bug fixes and minor improvements. See the full changelog below.

Changes 6.9.75 -> 6.9.80:
  • Windows/Editor: Another workaround to fix garbled
    fonts sometimes happening in the editor right after
  • Editor: Changed the behavior when pressing DEL on a
    veltext entry so that it behaves the same way as
    when deleting a velocity node with the mouse.
  • Manual: Minor updates.
  • Sequencer: Make it optional in preferences
    whether changing current seqtrack also changes
    current editor block. Also disable this option by
    default, before it was enabled.
  • Sequencer: Add option in preferences whether mouse
    wheel up/down starts/stops playing or scrolls
    up/down seqtracks.
  • Sequencer: New option in preferences to select
    whether to autoselect the seqtrack which is
    currently below the mouse pointer. In addition,
    turn this option OFF by default (before this
    behavior was ON).
  • Mixer: Change the "Connected to main pipe" option
    in the popup menus to "Connected to main bus".
  • Preferences/colors: Add slider to adjust the amount
    of gradient colors of various filled rectangles.
  • GUI: Various tweaks to color shading.
  • Preferences/colors: Fix setting correct default
    values for the saturation and brightness sliders
    when pressing "Reset".
  • Sequencer: New option in preferences to select
    whether to autoselect block currently under the
    mouse pointer. In addition, turn this option OFF by
    default (before this behavior was ON).
  • GUI: Made the green audio peak color greener.
  • Mixer: Paint a handler for the volume sliders to
    better see current value.
  • Colors: Adjusted check box colors a little bit.
  • Modulator: Fix division by zero if min and max is
    equal. (This caused illegal floating points to
    wander around in the system).
  • Audio: Assert that the value is a legal floating
    point when setting plugin parameters.
  • Editor: Convert note velocities to the new data
    • The most notable change is that any editing is
      heard immediately if playing block or song at
      the same time.
    • Using less CPU cache. CPU usage might be notably
      lower after notes themselves have been converted
      to the new data structure.
    • Coincidentally fixed a bug that caused no
      volume change to be heard if there were only
      two velocity nodes for a note and the last node
      had value 0 (i.e. plain decrescendos were not
      played). Also add a workaround for this bug so
      that loading old songs still sound the same.
    • Necessary for future work such as replacing
      OpenGL with Vulkan.
  • Editor: Don't delete note when deleting the last
    velocity node and there are pitch changes unless
    there are only two velocity nodes.
  • Loading: Fix showing correct line numbers when
    loading song fails.
  • Internal: Various improvements to the RT memory
  • API:
    • New: autoselectEditorBlockUnderMouse,
      getAmountOfGradient, setAmountOfGradient,
    • Change last argument (gradient) for gui_filledBox
      from boolean to int, and add 13 different types of
      gradients to choose from.

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Re: Radium 6.9.80 released

Post by kjetil » 27 Jun 2021 14:49

Radium 6.9.81 released. This is an emergency release to fix strange things sometimes happening when
adding notes in some situations.

Changes 6.9.80 -> 6.9.81:
  • Load: Fix program freeze if loading a song with a
    VST/AU plugin from the command line. Was probably
    only a problem on Linux.
  • VST/AU: Enable all audio channels of VST/AU plugins
    when the plugin is initiated since some plugins
    don't enable all channels by default. For instance,
    the U-he Runciter plugin only enables one of its
    channels. In the future there should be an option
    to select bus layout for plugins.
  • Editor: Fix inserting a new note below another note
    in a non-polyphonic matter, i.e. so that the end of
    the first note stops where the second note starts.
    This could in some situations fail spectacularly.
    Bug introduced in 6.9.80.

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Re: Radium 6.9.80 released

Post by kjetil » 01 Jul 2021 17:22

Radium 6.9.82 released. This is an emergency release to fix assertion window popping up when changing the number of lines in a block so that a note is shortened.

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