Radium 6.7.70 released

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Radium 6.7.70 released

Post by kjetil » 02 Jan 2021 17:11

This release contains some bug fixes and some minor features.

Most notable new feature this time is the new included "Radium reset" program:
radium_6_7_70_reset.png (12.01 KiB) Viewed 3173 times
The "Radium reset" program can be useful if Radium won't start, or something else is hindering usage, due to something wrong with the configuration. For instance if the colors have been set too dark and you can't see anything. The "Radium reset" program is also useful in order to use previously blacklisted plugins after you have installed a version that doesn't crash anymore.

A visible improvement this time is fixed font rendering for the manual on Windows. Text should not be pixelated anymore. Text quality should be better on macOS as well.

Another visible improvement is for the audio meter rendering which wasn't always updated each frame before, even if there was enough CPU time. Especially on macOS this was a problem.

Changes 6.6.78 -> 6.7.70:
  • Instruments: Fix editing keybinding in the
    instrument effects popup menu.
  • Help: Add option in preferences to let the help
    windows be a standalone window.
  • Plugin manager: Don't make the plugin manager
    window modal. Fixes inactive messages window after
    scanning plugins.
  • GUI: Fix audio meters often not being updated each
    frame, even when there is enough CPU time.
  • LADSPA: Remove TAP plugins from the regular menus.
  • Macos: Show text box with info about the state of
    OpenGL during startup.
  • Disk: Automatically add ".rad" suffix when saving
  • Editor: Disable the bar/beat options for current
    track when current track is a timing track.
  • Settings: Include "Radium reset" program to reset
    user settings.
  • Manual: Make sure the same font is used on all
    platforms. Most importantly this fixes really bad
    text rendering on Windows.
  • API: getTrackTypeName,
    setHelpWindowIsChildOfMainWindow .

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Re: Radium 6.7.70 released

Post by kjetil » 05 Jan 2021 10:29

Radium 6.7.72 released. Emergency release to fix audio meter CPU usage, and stop-notes not stopping notes.

Changes 6.7.70 -> 6.7.72:
  • Editor: Fix notes not being stopped when adding a
    stop note. Bug introduced in 6.6.77.
  • Audio meters: Fix update interval. In 6.7.70 it was
    by mistake updated each 5ms which is too often.

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