Radium 5.9.48 released

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Radium 5.9.48 released

Post by kjetil » 21 Mar 2019 19:45

Mainly bug fixes this time. Most time was spent fixing a hang when exiting the program on Windows.

Most notable new feature is the ability to set saturation and brightness for instrument and block/audiofile colors:

Changes 5.9.46 -> 5.9.48:
  • Linux: Patch the included WebKit library so that it
    doesn't load browser plugins. Visiting the
    Wikipedia LFO page (linked to in the manual) could
    make Radium crash if user had installed a buggy
    plugin, or a plugin linking to Qt.
  • Sequencer: When pressing Space while playing, just
    stop playing, and don't move cursor back. When
    pressing Space while NOT playing, first move cursor
    back to last place we started playing from, and
    then start playing.
  • GUI: Remove the text "CPU:" from the bottom bar.
  • GUI: In the bottom bar, make the status bar and
    the volume slider always have the same width.
  • Editor: When edit is OFF, and we are playing notes
    on the computer keyboard, send the notes to the
    current instrument and not to the instrument for
    the current track.
  • Instruments: For older songs (approx. a year), fix
    note duplicator values being set to default values
    if undoing Reset or Random. Also fixes A/B usage
    and possibly other things. These are more
    fixes for the old note duplicator Chance bug which
    unfortunately caused old songs to have wrong values
    in them.
  • Init: Make sure custom initialization code (in
    keybindings.conf) doesn't run until program has
    started up. Program could crash during startup
    because of this.
  • Playlist: Fix wrong content showing up when a
    different seqtrack was selected while playlist was
  • Playlist: Fix selecting prev and next playlist
    block when playlist isn't visible.
  • Instruments: Immediately remove "[m]" from
    instrument slider/checkbox text after removing
    a modulator from the effect.
  • Preferences: Add sliders to control brightness and
    saturation for blocks/audiofiles colors and
    instrument colors.
  • Instrument: Fix rare crash that could happen when
    creating new instrument.
  • Sequencer: Fix rare crash that could happen when
    creating new seqtrack.
  • Audio: Optimize checking if instrument can
  • GUI: Make tab colors configurable.
  • Metronome: Fix silent metronome when playing block
    in sequencer timing mode.
  • Metronome: Fix stop notes not being sent out in
    sequencer timing mode.
  • Metronome: Fix stop notes sometimes not being sent
    out when starting to play a new block in editor
    timing mode.
  • Modular mixer: Draw autosuspended objects in a
    grayer color than before.
  • Linux: Decrease CPU usage for VST plugin GUIs.
  • Windows/OSX: Fix program sometimes hanging when
    exiting program after using a midi input or output
  • API: getInstrumentBrightness,
    setInstrumentBrightness, getInstrumentSaturation,
    setInstrumentSaturation, getBlockBrightness,
    setBlockBrightness, getBlockSaturation,

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