Radium 5.9.51 released

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Radium 5.9.51 released

Post by kjetil » 02 Apr 2019 20:23

This is an early release since latency compensation was broken in 5.9.50. The release also contains a couple of crash bug fixes.

The most notable features this time is the ability to set saturation and brightness for the editor track background colors:


Changes 5.9.50 -> 5.9.51:
  • Sequencer: Don't crash after selecting Cancel when
    asked for replacement of missing audio file.
  • Sequencer: Don't accept replacement audio file if
    the base names of the two filenames differ. This is
    a quick right-before-the-release hack to avoid a
    crash that can happen if the two files have
    different lengths. Needs proper solution later.
  • Song properties: Change the text "Send global swing
    tempo to plugins" to "Send global swing tempo to
    plugins and jack transport".
  • Song properties: Change the text "Audio files" to
    "Audio files in Sample player and Fluidsynth".
  • GUI: Increase default block saturation to 1.0
  • GUI: Increase default instrument saturation
    to 0.67.
  • GUI: Add options to set instrument saturation and
    brightness for the editor only. May want a less
    saturated background color in the editor.
  • Internal: Include the samplereader and ratio tests
    into "make test".
  • Internal: Fix "make test".
  • Internal: Run "make test" in the build script for
    creating new releases. "make test" does catch the
    bug below, but running it wasn't automated.
  • Internal: Fix crash when moving several seqblocks
    in some situations. The bug was general though, so
    it might have caused other problems as well. The
    bug was introduced in 5.9.48, so all releases
    between 5.9.48 and 5.9.51 will be marked unstable.
  • Audio: Fix the problems with latency compensation
    in 5.9.50. The bug had actually always been there,
    but hopefully it had not been audible
    before 5.9.50.
  • Load: Fix crash when loading old songs,
    approximately around 4.2.0 or older. Not sure when
    this bug was introduced.
  • Audio: Some minor optimizations of CPU usage.
  • API: getInstrumentBrightnessInEditor,

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