Radium 5.9.60 released

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Radium 5.9.60 released

Post by kjetil » 11 May 2019 18:24

This is a big release with many new features and bug fixes.

The biggest/most notable news this time are:
  • Significantly better CPU usage in the audio engine.
  • The FaustDev instrument has gotten the following updates:
    • Updated to latest version of Faust.
    • Interpreter backend in addition to the old LLVM backend. The interpreter backend seems to be somewhere between 2-10 times slower than the llvm backend (rough estimate), but the compilation time is much lower, meaning that when writing code you hear the difference very quickly.
    • The Linux and Windows32 versions of Radium now includes the FaustDev instrument. However, only the interpreter backend is included for these two platforms.
    • Real-time compilation is more snappy in general.
  • Separate keyboard forcus for the editor, mixer, and sequencer. Keyboard focus is marked by an orange border. Before this release, almost all keybindings only worked on the editor, which could be quite irritating. Now the editor must have keyboard focus for any of the editor keybindings to work. In the next release, there should be a lot more keybindings specifically made for the sequencer and mixer.
  • Fixes for graphic updates on MacOS.
  • Better display of keybindings in the menus.
  • A red border around current edit column in the editor.
  • An orange border around the current track in the editor.
  • A new "Bus" seqtrack type has been introduced.
  • The manual has gotten a left-bar menu and some other improvements: http://users.notam02.no/~kjetism/radium/documentation/
  • "1:3", "1:1", and "3:1" buttons for the mixer to set ratio between upper and lower part of the mixer strips



Historically, there have been quirks in big releases, so if you are working on something, and you don't need any of the new features, you might want to wait until the next release before updating.

Changes 5.9.52 -> 5.9.60:
  • Editor: Don't update graphics during playback if
    "enable_editor_rerendering_during_playback = false"
    is included in the config file.
  • Editor: Let grid follow graphical line, not tracker
    line. I.e. don't ignore LZ when using grid.
  • Keybindings: Let up/down key move select previous
    or next seqtrack when sequencer has keyboard focus.
  • OSX: More workaround for graphics not updating
    after resizing editor.
  • Windows: Fix paths being screwed up when directory
    separators are converted to backslashes. Might fix
    some Python issues.
  • Manual: Various improvements.
  • GUI: Improve keybinding display in the main menus,
    popup menus, and the edit tab
  • Sequencer: Drag seqtrack number to change seqtrack
    order. (The numbers inside the circles)
  • Linux: When running Radium under gdb, close popup
    menu if it has been open for 40 seconds and kill
    Radium if a popup menu has been open for at least
    50 seconds. This to avoid freezing X if program
    crashes under gdb while a popup menu is open.
  • New song: Make default color of the main pipe blue
  • Sequencer: Rename the lower left buttons.
  • Mixer: Add "1:3", "1:1", and "3:1: radio buttons to
    the main mixer header and to the mixer popup menus.
  • GUI: Set all bus instrument colors to "Default Bus
    color" (a configurable color) when starting up.
  • Sequencer: Introduce "Bus" seqtracks. Bus seqtracks
    are audio seqtracks that pipes input by default.
    The colors of seqtrack buses are also set to
    "Default Bus color".
  • Audio: Add "Pipe input" option to audio seqtrack
  • Sequencer: Minor optimization for the audio file
  • Editor: Fix metronome not making any sounds between
    seqblocks in editor timing mode.
  • Sequencer: Display slightly less erroneous bars
    and beats between seqblocks in the timeline when
    the duration of the last bar of the previous played
    block wasn't a full bar.
  • Initialization: More messages during startup about
    what's happening.
  • Editor: When creating new a note, pitch, fx,
    velocity, or tempo with mouse, always let that
    note/pitch/fx/velocity/tempo start at the
    beginning of the line the mouse cursor is
    placed in, not on the next line if mouse cursor was
    placed below half-way into the line. (blackhole89)
  • Editor: Fix new piano-notes being rounded to the
    nearest note (whether it's up or down). Before,
    it was always round down to the nearest note.
  • Audio: Fix audio meter graphical update when an
    instrument changes number of visible channels.
  • GUI: Fix clicking radio buttons in popup menues
    when clicking the entry outside the circle.
  • Sequencer: Double-click a marker to loop between
    that marker and the next.
  • Editor: Show red border around current column
    inside the cursor (the color is configurable).
  • Editor: Show border around current track. The
    border has the same color as the keyboard focus
    border color, and is also shown only if the editor
    has keyboard focus.
  • Sequencer: Include last marker when calculating
    song duration.
  • Sequencer: Use all leftmost space when there is
    only one seqtrack. (There is no current seqtrack
    border when there is only one seqtrack.)
  • Internal: Update S7 scheme.
  • Menus: Only display "Ctrl" when both left or
    right control is assigned to a command. Same for
    alt and shift.
  • Menus: Automatically display several entries when
    more than one keybinding is assigned to a command.
  • Startup: Fix keybindings sometimes not working on
    windows. At least I'm pretty sure it's working now.
  • GUI: Speed up opening popup menues. (Content is
    cached now.)
  • Playlist: Fix crashes that could happen when
    inserting audio file.
  • Edit: Make sure all text is shown in the "Randomly
    delete notes" and the "Lightly shuffle pitches"
  • Keybindings: Redefine almost all keybindings so
    that they only work when having relevant
    keyboard focus.
  • GUI: Separate keyboard focus for the editor, the
    mixer, and the sequencer. Press Ctrl+F5, Ctrl+F7,
    and Ctrl+F8 to change keyboard focus between the
    editor, the mixer, and the sequencer.
  • Internal: Display error message when there is an
    error while finding right keybinding code to
    execute when a key is pressed.
  • Shut down: Fix crash iwhen program could't start
  • Linux: Update URL to nvidia driver
  • Sequencer: Add a "Copy filename to system
    clipboard" entry to the audio seqblock popup
  • Fluidsynth: Fix erroneously display of
    sample/bank/preset in the instrument GUI.
  • Editor: Update tooltip for "Edit Lines" ("EL") in
    the bottom bar.
  • Editor: Fix note not stopping to play when
    releasing computer keyboard key after adding a
  • Editor: Fix note being played when adding notes and
    "Edit Lines" has a value larger than 0.
  • Audio: Improve CPU usage of fading in and out.
  • Audio: Improve CPU usage of the granulator a little
  • Editor: Make resizing look more professional by
    covering up some flickering. It's probably not
    possible to make perfect though, because of OpenGL.
  • Audio: Minor optimization to the multicore
  • Load/Save: Remember last used directory when
    loading/saving song
  • GUI: Fix a division by zero when rendering editor
    track header. Probably makes no difference in
    graphics, but might make it run faster.
  • Audio: Add a little bit of release to the Click
    instruments to avoid noise when unpressing the
    click button in the bottom bar.
  • Audio: Written new algorithm for smoothing delay.
    Should improve CPU usage significantly overall.
  • FaustDev: Add support for the interpreter backend.
  • FaustDev: Compile Radium with the option
    WITHOUT_LLVM_IN_FAUST_DEV to only include the
    interpreter backend. (Avoids linking with the
    LLVM libraries.)
  • FaustDev: Make compilation faster.
  • Build: Fix compiling with clang 8.0.
  • API:
    • New: copyWtextToClipboard, getClipboardWtext,
      copyTextToClipboard, getClipboardText,
      gui_getSequencerFrameGui, setEditorKeyboardFocus,
      setMixerKeyboardFocus, setSequencerKeyboardFocus,
      gui_setVertRatioInMixerStrips, addKeybinding,
    • Removed: getKeybindingFromCommand.
    • Renamed: setKeybinding -> addKeybindingToConfFile,
      removeKeybinding -> removeKeybindingFromConfFile.
    • Documentation: Remove erroneous comments for
      openFileForReading and readLineFromFile. These
      functions are implemented.
    • Add optional start and end arguments to
    • Add optional "is_bus" argument to appendSeqtrack
      and insertSeqtrack
    • gui_createMixerStrips ha as new optional argument
      "vert_ratio" (is 1/1 by default).
    • swapSeqtracks doesn't create undo anymore.

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Re: Radium 5.9.60 released

Post by kjetil » 15 May 2019 13:09

Emergency release to fix crash in some situations when clicking a popup menu.

The release also includes a few bug fixes and minor improvements.

Most notable new feature is functions in the Edit tab to distribute notes evenly in range, track, or block.


Changes 5.9.60 -> 5.9.61:
  • Build: Compile ladspa-plugins without debug symbols
    to lower startup time if realtime virus scanning is
  • Windows: Update Qt to V5.12.3. (macOS: Qt was
    updated to V5.12.3 in Radium 5.9.60. Linux: Qt is
    still at V5.12.2.)
  • Windows/Linux: Compile Radium with gcc 8.3.0.
    (Upgraded from gcc 7.4.0.)
  • GUI: Only hardcode F11 to switch full screen for
    windows which takes care of keyboard events
    themselves. For instance the help windows.
  • Linux: Fix undefined behavior when setting a window
    to not be full screen.
  • Edit: Functions to distribute notes evenly in
    range, track, or block.
  • Sequencer: Display correct bar numbers. (Bug
    introduced in 5.9.60.)
  • GUI: Fix memory leak in popup menus
  • Mixer: Only make one undo entry for "solo all
    selected/etc." in the popup menu.
  • Mixer: Add "bypass/unbypass all selected" entries
    to the popup menu.
  • Build: compilation fixes for gcc9.
  • Mixer: Add function "switch-solo-for-selected-instruments"
  • Sequencer: Fix some minor graphical garbage in the
    lower-left buttons.
  • GUI: Fix crash that sometimes happened when
    clicking slighly outside a popup menu entry.
    (Bug introduced in 5.9.60)
  • Log: Log all clicks on popup menu entries.
  • API: setSoloForInstruments, setMuteForInstruments,
    switchMuteForSelectedInstruments (Lydkraft),
    switchBypassForSelectedInstruments (Lydkraft).

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