Feature Request: Free Curser Edit

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Feature Request: Free Curser Edit

Post by fxt » 24 Jan 2022 10:49

Pretty big please: Can we have a "Free Curser Edit" in Radium?

Free Curser Edit basically means that the Play/Edit position is not fixed to the middle of the screen and instead of the whole table moving around the edit position, the curser is moving around and the table stays fixed, just like in a regular text editor/tablesheet app.

I find it much more pleasing to have a whole section/bar on the screen and edit the pattern without it moving around when moving with the arrow (up/down) keys. It's much easier to get a sense of your melodic and rhytmic structure, if everything stays in place when editing.

the way trackers work makes sense for step entry with a midi keyboard, but if you work with a mouse/keyboard a "Free Curser Edit" Option just makes much more sense imo. Especially with Radiums awesome Zoom Feature!

I tried this option in OpenMPT and Famitracker and it's such a bliss to work with. Apparently older trackers also had this option.

Maybe there could be a option so you can define yourself when the table starts scrolling/moving. In 2D Jump and Run Games you have this invisible box on the screen and depending on the position of the player, the screen is moving. So maybe users could define themselves how big that invisible box is before Radium starts scrolling?

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