Radium 5.9.16 released

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Radium 5.9.16 released

Post by kjetil » 24 Nov 2018 13:52

This is an emergency release for 5.9.15, where you in some situations could end up seeing a ton of error messages after clicking on a seqblock.

The release has also changed the usage of a couple of modifier keys:
  1. To scroll horizontally when using the mouse wheel,
    you now have to press a Windows key (macOS: Alt),
    and not Shift. The reason is that Shift is used to
    limit moving the mouse pointer in the vertical direction,
    while the Windows (macOS: Alt) key is used to limit
    in the horizontal direction, so a Windows key seems
    more logical.
  2. To quickly copy a seqblock, I've changed
    the keyboard modifier to Alt (macOS: Ctrl) instead
    of Shift. Then the Shift key can be used to limit moving
    seqblocks in the vertical direction.

Changes 5.9.15 -> 5.9.16:
  • Updated the manual somewhat.
  • Sequencer: Update graphics after undoing or redoing
    fade length.
  • Instrument widget: Don't create undo entry for the Solo
    button unless undo for solo is enabled in preferences.
  • Audio: Add option to create undo entries when clicking
    a solo button.
  • Sequencer: Fix error messages popping up after just
    clicking a seqblock, without moving it.
  • Sequencer: Make keyboard modifiers consistent by
    changing the modifier for copying seqblock from Shift
    to Alt (macosx: Ctrl). This way, Shift can be used to
    move a seqblock vertically.
  • Mouse: Use the same keyboard modifier to scroll
    horizontally as used to limit mouse movement in the
    x direction. (Windows/Linux: windows key. macOS: Alt)
  • Mixer/Manual/Faust: When using the mouse scroll wheel
    to scroll vertically, scroll to the left when
    scrolling the mouse wheel up, and to the right
    when scrolling the mouse wheel down. Not the other
    way around.
  • Sequencer: Draw seqtrack number in a separeate box,
    not as part of the seqtrack name.
  • Sequencer: Fix having to press mouse button two
    times to make mouse button work right after
    changing seqtrack name.
  • Update s7
  • API: ensureCleanStateOutsideMouseCycle

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