Radium 5.9.21 released

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Radium 5.9.21 released

Post by kjetil » 12 Dec 2018 17:19

Most important changes this time are crash fix for
quantisation (bug introduced in 5.9.8) and a
fix for showing the assertion reporter when
using sequencer automations (bug
introduced in 5.9.19). There is also
a crash fix for the piano roll, but I think
that one was very rare, maybe not even
possible to hit.

Otherwise the release mostly contains GUI improvements

Changes 5.9.20 -> 5.9.21:
  • Quantitize: Fix crash happening sometimes. Bug
    introduced in 5.9.8.
  • Editor: Make changing pianonote end position
  • Editor: Make moving pianonote and changing pianonote
    start position frame-accurate.
  • Editor/pianoroll: Fix assertion error sometimes
    popping up when trying to move note below end of
  • S7: Build s7 with debug symbols.
  • Sequencer: Name the automation entries ("Automation")
    in the popup menu.
  • Editor/pianoroll: Make sure mouse pointer is placed
    in the middle of the newly created note in the x
    direction, and at the bottom of the newly created
    note in the y direction. This feels much more
  • Editor/pianoroll: Make it possible to move new
    notes upwards, not just change end note position.
  • Sequencer: Fix assertion window popping up when
    creating automation and possibly other situations.
    Bug introduced in 5.9.19
  • GUI: Display "Shift + Right Mouse" as keybinding to
    various popup menu entries used for deleting things.
  • Scripting: Don't show assertion reporter if a
    callback returns the wrong type.
  • Soundfile saver: "Range" -> "Range in current block".
  • Manual: Some minor fixes.
  • Menus: Rename "Solo/Mute" to "Editor Solo/Mute".
  • Menus: Moved "Turn off Solo for all instruments"
    from the Solo/Mute menu to the "Play menu".
  • Menus: "Glissando" -> "Glissando between two notes".
  • Menus: Rename "Block view" to "Editor View" and
    "Block edit" to "Editor Edit".
  • Editor: Add "Muted" and "Soloed" to the track popup
  • GUI: Fix mixer strip for current instrument moving
    to the left side of the mixer when pressing the "W"
    button. Bug introduced in 5.9.15.
  • GUI: Fix minimum height of the main window to grow
    and grow in size when pressing the "W" button in
    the mixer. Bug introduced in 5.9.15.
  • Preferences: Options to let mixer window and
    sequencer window be independent windows. I.e. that
    they are not children of the main window, meaning
    that the main window can be put in front of the
    mixer or sequencer, the windows possibly get other
    bar buttons (depending on the OS and window
    manager), and so forth.
  • Mouse: Fix gridding working the wrong way in the
    editor if the object we were moving wasn't
    already placed on the grid. Bug introduced
    around 5.9.5.
  • Mouse: Make gridding frame-accurate.
  • Editor: Fix moving note end in the note text
  • API: sequencerWindowIsChildOfMainWindow,

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