Radium 5.9.30 released

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Radium 5.9.30 released

Post by kjetil » 23 Jan 2019 10:08

This is a big update with many new features, bug fixes and minor improvements.

Most notable new feature is the new right-side tabs in the sequencer, for browsing blocks, sounds, and files:

Another (and much bigger) feature, is the alternative timing mode, called "sequencer timing". Instead of using editor blocks in the first seqtrack to define tempo and rhythm, it's possible to define these in the new sequencer timing lanes. "Markers" is also introduced in this release:
Documentation: http://users.notam02.no/~kjetism/radium ... iming.html

Another feature worth that deserves mentioning, is the audiofile GUI in the sequencer where the parameters for granular synthesis is being visualized:

In addition, various parts of the GUI have been brushed up.

Changes 5.9.22 -> 5.9.30:
  • Sequencer: Scale various line widths with fontsize.
  • Internal: Fix api-errors not being displayed in the
    message window. (Bug probably introduced in 5.9.21
    or thereabout).
  • Sequencer: Improve gfx performance when moving
    the navigator bar.
  • Sequencer: Fix play cursor sometimes being drawn on
    top of seqtrack headers.
  • Sequencer: Always draw the same bar numbers in the
    "bars and beats" lane.. E.g. don't sometimes draw bar
    13-15-17, and sometimes draw 14-16-18, depending on
    the position of the navigator. Always draw bar
  • Sequencer: Improve painting sequencer grid.
  • Sequencer: Adjust seqblock header colors.
  • Sequencer: Improve painting the dragger.
  • GUI: Fix some situations where the alpha channel
    disappeared from a color.
  • Sequencer: Position song tempo automation above
    timeline, not below.
  • Sequencer: Fix a possible crash (probably rare) that
    could happen if playing song while swapping two
  • Sequencer: Force sequencer timing mode when first
    seqtrack is for audio.
  • Help: Document timing.
  • Sequencer: Tweak painting buttons and checkboxes.
  • Sequencer: Markers. A new sequencer lane called
    "Markers" can be enabled by right clicking and enable
    the "Markers" checkbox. Markers are also shown in the
    sequencer navigator.
  • Sequencer: Alternative timing system for the sequencer
    ("sequencer timing"). Instead of using editor blocks
    in the first seqtrack to define tempo and rhythm,
    set tempo and rhythm in the new sequencer timing
    lanes. Select "sequencer timing" by right-clicking
    in the sequencer and select "Use sequencer timing".
  • Metronome: Only play metronome ("Click") for timing
    generated by the first seqtrack.
  • Instruments: Change the text "green lines" to "yellow
    lines" in the "T" button tooltip.
  • Sequencer: Make undo/redo automation atomic. Before
    this change, some wrong values could be sent to the
    plugins while undoing/redoing.
  • Sequencer: Fix possible crash when undoing/redoing
    sequencer automation and loading song. I've never
    seen the crash though.
  • Sequencer: Automatically set block and block position
    in blocklist and playlist when changing cursor
    position in sequencer.
  • GUI: Paint thin black border around buttons.
  • Sequencer: Paint seqblocks on top of grid, not grid
    on top of seqblocks.
  • GUI: Decrease time it takes to resize window and
    other situations. Fix for regression introduced in
    Radium 5.9.15.
  • GUI: Paint most filled rectangles in the sequencer
    and the mixer with a slight gradient color.
  • GUI/Internal: minor improvement when mixing two
  • Preferences: Add tab bar height option to the "GUI"
  • Sequencer: Add the tabs on the right side:
    • Block browser
    • Sound browser
    • File browser
  • GUI: Some fixes for drawing text.
  • Audio: Round displayed CPU percentage to nearest
    integer. Earlier it was always rounded down.
  • Soundfilesaver: Fix typing number of channels with the
  • Sequencer: Don't crash if playing audio files with 9
    channels or more.
  • Sample Player instrument: Replace qt scrollbars with
    radium scrollbars in the sample browser.
  • Instrument widget: Scale sample font size with system
    font size.
  • Mixer: Show minimum and maximum values in the volume
  • Audio: Fix using LADSPA_PATH environment variable with
    more than one path.
  • GUI: Only display single digits for CPU usage in the
    bottom bar.
  • Audio: Fix CPU usage being measured inaccurately for
    single instruments.
  • Audio/GUI: Slightly improve CPU usage measuring and
  • LADSPA: Show warning if loading a TAP plugin. These
    plugins should not be trusted.
  • Audio: Fix CPU spikes in Zita Reverb, probably caused
    by CPU cache misses. (It's now compiled without the
    "-vec" Faust option).
  • Sequencer: Visualize granulation parameters in the
    audio seqblock GUI when changing parameters.
  • GUI: Fix automatically breaking lines when drawing
  • Sequencer: Fix memory corruption when inserting
    soundfiles with more than 2 channels.
  • Soundfilesaver: Fix writing soundfiles when there is
    no 2ch "system out" module in song.
  • Audio: Fix realtime allocation error in some
    situations when there's lots of grains in granulation.
  • Internal: Fix showAsyncMessage. Don't risk evaluating
    argument and so forth.
  • Build: Add various -W
  • arguments and fix some
    potential bugs.
  • Build: Compile with -flto in release mode.
  • GUI: Adjust default color for scrollbar. 5.9.22
    was very bright.
  • API:
    • New functions: gui_filledPolygon, gui_drawPolygon,
      gui_removeMouseWheelCallback, getFileInfo,
      iterateDirectory, gui_createFileDragIcon,
      gui_createBlockDragIcon, gui_setFont, gui_getFont,
      getParentPath, putSettings, putSettingsW,
      getSettings, getSettingsW, getSampleBrowserFont,
      requestWString, getSequencerRightPartEmpty,
      getSequencerRightPartX1, getSequencerRightPartX2,
      getSequencerRightPartY1, getSequencerRightPartY2,
      getAudioFilesGeneration, getAudioFiles,
      getTabBarHeight, setTabBarHeight,
      getDenominatorFromRatioString, createUuid,
      getSequencerTempos, getAllSequencerTempos,
      setSequencerTempos, getSequencerSignatures,
      getAllSequencerSignatures, setSequencerSignatures,
      getAllSequencerMarkers, setSequencerMarkers,
      isUsingSequencerTiming, setUsingSequencerTiming,
      getSequencerTiming, setSequencerTiming,
      showTimeSequencerLane, setShowTimeSequencerLane,
      gui_setAlphaForColor, gui_makeColorLighter,
    • gui_textWidth: add optional argument "guinum".

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Re: Radium 5.9.30 released

Post by kjetil » 24 Jan 2019 19:50

Some bug fixes, especially on Windows.

Changes 5.9.30 -> 5.9.31:
  • Sequencer: Fix wrong seqblock duration of stretched
    seqblocks when changing tempos of a editor block.
  • Sequencer: Don't overlap two editor seqblocks when
    changing tempo of the first block so that the
    length of it increases.
  • GUI: Fix main window sometimes being put behind all
    other windows right after startup.
  • Instrument: Fix patch widget label colors. Might
    only have been a problem in debug mode.
  • Sequencer: Optimize graphics a little bit when
    editing tempos, signatures, and markers.
  • Sequencer: Show closed-hand mouse-cursor when
    moving a vertical scrollbar in the right side tabs.
  • Sequencer/Windows: Fix strange behavior when
    releasing mouse button outside current widget.
  • Sequencer/Windows: Fix browsing directories on a
    network disks in the file bropwser.
  • Internal: Fix program crashing when exiting. Have
    only seen it happen in debug mode on Windows though.
  • Windows: Fix time positions for notes suddenly
    jumping to 0 when edited in the piano roll.
    Probably rare though. Bug introduced in 5.9.21.
  • Preferences: Change the checkbox for selecting left
    or right side for current mixer strip into radio
    buttons .
  • Preferences: Remove the "Timeline" group from the
    "Sequencer" tab. Whether to show bars and/or time
    in the timeline is now a property of the song and
    not a global option.
  • API: Removed showBarsInTimeline,

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Re: Radium 5.9.30 released

Post by kjetil » 29 Jan 2019 17:20

Emergency release to fix rare, but possible, undefined behavior in sequencer timing and automation. Bug introduced in 5.9.30.

The release also contains a number of other bug fixes and minor features, plus some improvements to the manual.

Changes 5.9.31 -> 5.9.32:
  • Mixer: Some minor improvements to the popup menu.
  • Instruments/Help: Add "Help" option to the bottom of
    the effect slider/checkbox popup menu.
  • Sequencer: Fix race condition in all of automation
    and timing. Bug introduced in 5.9.30. This fixes
    wrong tempo values sometimes being read, wrong
    signature values sometimes being read, wrong
    automation values sometimes being read, wrong
    song tempo values sometimes being read, and possibly
    prevent crashes and strange behaviours. Wrong
    behaviours caused by this bug should have been
    rare though.
  • Control: Fix possible crash during shutdown.
  • Editor: Fix various race conditions when changing
    number of lines, changing tempo, etc. while playing.
    This should fix various assertion dialogs popping
    up in rare circumstanses in conjunction with timing.
  • Help: Improve the documentation for timing.
  • GUI: Make sure popup menu entries are never painted in
    "hovered" color when mouse cursor is not above the
    entry. For instance, when there were only one entry,
    that entry was always painted in the hovered color.
  • Editor: Make the functions to insert and delete lines
    insert or delete the expected number of lines when
    LZ is not 1. I.e. when LZ is 2, insert 1/2 line.
    If LZ is 1/2, insert 2 lines, and so forth.
  • Editor: Fix cursor position after inserting or
    removing lines when LZ is not 1.
  • Internal: Fix a race conditition during startup
    (probably harmless). This also fixes a rare
    assertion hit during startup.
  • Fluidsynth instrument: Update current bookmark when
    writing directory path manually.
  • Sampler instrument: Update current bookmark when
    writing directory path manually.
  • Sampler instrument: Show message window when a
    soundfont or directory couldn't be opened.
  • Sampler instrument: Optimize memory usage. Besides
    using a lot less memory, it might improve realtime
    performance as well by causing fewer cache hits.
  • Instruments: Paint effects with lighter color when
    mouse is above an effect slider or checkbox.
  • Instruments: Display "(right-click for options)" in
    the status bar when mouse is above an effect slider
    or checkbox.
  • GUI: Adjust default background color a little bit.
    (Made it a little bit darker).
  • GUI: Change default slider colors back to a
    red->green gradient color instead of the new
    grayish color that was hard to distinguish from
    the background.
  • API
    • Change types of the "start" and "length" arguments
      for 'setInstrumentLoopData' from int to int64_t.
    • Update S7 scheme interpreter.

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