Radium 5.9.34 released

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Radium 5.9.34 released

Post by kjetil » 07 Feb 2019 17:33

Lots of bug fixes and minor features.

One of the two most notable new features is the song navigator which is added to all bottom bars except the sequencer window. The other of the two most notable new features is the volume slider and mute button for editor seqtracks.

I've also changed default keybindinds for Space, Enter, and Return, as described on the mailing list. (These keys behave more as they do in other DAWs now.)
  • The previous functionality for Space is now achieved by pressing Ctrl + Space.
  • The previous functionality for Return is now achieved by pressing Alt + Return.
  • The previous functionality for Enter is now achieved by pressing Alt + Enter.
Changes 5.9.32 -> 5.9.34:
  • Editor: Fix possible undefined behavior if
    changing numer of tracks in a block in the
    blocklist while playing.
  • OSX: Temporarily disable "Import MOD" from
    the menus since importing MOD doesn't work
    on OSX. (Should be fixed in the next release.)
  • Windows: Fix media keys not being eaten by
    Radium when used. E.g. pressing the volume
    up key causes other programs to also increase
    the volume.
  • Windows: Fix media keys being interpreted
    as other keys when handlers for them were
    disabled in the keyboard configuration.
    (Seems like media keys doesn't have valid
    scan codes.)
  • Editor: Fix copying various data to new track
    such as Piano roll range and so forth.
  • Build: Update s7 to latest version.
  • Build: Update QScintilla to 2.10.8.
  • Sequencer: Fix bottom of audio meters beiing cut
    off if ranging below the top of the navigator.
  • Mixer/Sequencer: Adjust colors in the bottom
  • Mixer/Editor: Add a mini-sequencer navigator the
    bottom bars. These navigators support both mouse
    clicking and mouse wheeling to start/stop
  • Editor: Fix assertion window popping up if
    clicking below last line in a note-text
  • Mixer/Sequencer: Remove editor elements from the
    bottom bars of the sequencer and the mixer.
  • Sequencer: Draw seqblock names in navigator if
    enough vertical space.
  • Pd: Don't allow two controllers with the same
  • Sequencer: Don't stop playing if moving the last
    seqblock in song to a new seqtrack, and that
    seqblock was currently playing.
  • Sequencer/Mixer: Fix resetting solo (didn't
    update descendant instrument solo values and so
  • Sequencer: Add a volume slider to editor
  • General: Improve undo log.
  • Sequencer: Fix screwed up seqtrack layout when
    sequencer is shown. (When pressing F8 twice.)
  • Sequencer: Add a Mute button to editor seqtracks.
  • Help: Complete the documentation page for the
    instrument effect popup menu.
  • Sequencer: Fix header colors for audio seqblocks
    and seqblock colors in the navigator.
  • Keybindings: Pressing Space now switches between
    playing and not playing (common DAW behavior).
    While Enter/Return starts playing from the cursor
    position, Space starts playing from the
    startplay-cursor position.
  • Keybindings: Changed the old keybinding for
    Space to Ctrl+Space and renamed it to "Silence!".
  • Sequencer: Paint blue line where we started to
    play ("startplay-cursor").
  • Keybindings: Fix python code between asterisks in
    the configuration file not loading during startup.
  • Keybindings: Made the Enter and Return keys
    start/stop playing (common DAW behavior).
  • Keybindings: Changed the default keybinding for
    solo/unsolo current editor track from Enter to
    Alt + Enter.
  • Keybindings: Changed the default keybinding for
    adding note (and so forth) from Return alone
    into Alt + Return.
  • Player: Fix starting to play from current position,
    either from the menues or pressing Shift+Alt+Space.
    It didn't work if current seqtrack was an audio
    seqtrack. Bug introduced a while ago.
  • Menus: Add "Navigate 4 menu rows down" and
    "Navigate 4 menu rows up" entries
  • Mixer: Show a note indicator led in the audio
    meters, similar to the ones in the modular mixer.
  • GUI: Open the "Project menu" when pressing the
    Left Alt key, similar to standard GUI behavior
    in Windows. This makes it easier to know whether
    we start navigating the menus when pressing left
  • Mixer: Fix peak and volume text not being scaled
    to fit.
  • Sequencer: Don't show error messages about illegal
    navigator handle values since it seems to happen
    legitimately during playback when the "always show
    cursor" option is enabled.
  • Note duplicator: Show effect names and "(right
    click for options)" in the status bar for all
    fields when mouse is above a field.
  • Editor: Fix wrong automation value sometimes (i.e.
    50% of the time) being sent to plugin if the same
    automation is played in two consequtive seqblocks
    and the first automation plays to block end and the
    second automation starts at block start.
  • Note duplicator: Show correct effect name in the
    status bar when mouse is above the on/off buttons.
  • Modular mixer: Make the "Solo" and "Mute" entries
    in the popup menu into checkboxes.
  • Mixer/Sequencer/Instrument: Right-clicking an
    effect slider or an effect checkbox resets the
  • Mixer/Sequencer/Instrument: Make sure all effect
    sliders and checkboxes show the same popup menu.
    This also adds the options "Start recording
    automation in editor", "Add automation to
    current editor track", "Add automation to
    current sequencer track", and "Change value
    when pressing Random" to the sequencer and the
  • Mixer: Clean up various popup menus.
  • Sequencer: Clean up various popup menus in the
    audio seqtrack headers.
  • Mixer/Sequencer/Instrument: Cleaned up the
    instrument effect popup menu.
  • Instruments: Don't show rare (and false) error
    message about a missing instrument after creating
    an instrument, especially after creating a
  • Load: decrease time importing MOD and XM files.
  • Instruments: When undoing the deletion of an
    instrument, don't make that instrument the
    current instrument unless it was the current
    instrument when being deleted.
  • Modular mixer: When loading an .mrec file, make the
    first loaded instrument the current instrument, not
    the last.
  • Load: Sligtly faster to load track if it contains
    many instruments.
  • Sequencer: Fix border around the current file
    browser entry not being clipped correctly.
  • Sequencer: Fix slightly wrongly painted graphics for
    seqtrack name in the seqtrack headers.
  • Instruments: Support "Random" also for system
    effects. "Random" is turned off for system effects
    by default though.
  • Sequencer: Fix error message popping up when
    clicking on a seqtrack header pan slider.
  • Sequencer: Don't accept dropped audio file or block
    when dropped into the right side tabs.
  • Sequencer: Make Shift + Right-click delete block in
  • Blocklist GUI: Change blockname text color to black.
  • Block lists: Add "Rename" option to the popup menus.
  • Mixer: Fix undo for resetting an insert slider.
  • Editor: Faster to insert/delete lines while plaing
    if LZ is less than 1.
  • Editor: Fix cursor not always positioned at correct
    line when stopping to play after changing LZ while
    playing. Also fixes wrong and/or lacking "realline"
    messages sent to Pd instruments, and possibly other
  • API:
    • New functions: deletePdController,
      getLastSongPosStart, setLastSongPosStart,
      undoSeqtrackNoteGain, setEditorSeqtrackMuted,
    • Add optional argument "textcolor" to gui_line.
    • Add optional argument "set_as_current" to
      createAudioInstrumentFromDescription, and
    • Add arguments "include_editor_elements" and
      "bool include_navigator" to gui_bottomBar

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