Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen
 Email:        k.s.matheussen@notam02.no
 Phone:        +47 94426209
 Mail address: Kristine Bonnevies vei 2, 0592 Oslo, Norway
Latest version of this CV, with working www links, can be found here: http://users.notam02.no/~kjetism/cv.html

Work Experience

 2012-       Radium: Software design and development.
             C, C++, Scheme, and Python. Private project: http://users.notam02.no/~kjetism/radium/

 2001-       Notam: Software development, etc. 
             2011-    : Maintainance of the DSP software.
             2009-2011: Research/development of software for audio and music.
                        C, C++, Scheme, Java, Python, Common Lisp, Qi, Lua, Actionscript,
                        Pure Data, Max/MSP.
                        Full time.
             2006-2009: Software development assignments: Hurtigmikser, Mammut, DSP.
             2005-2006: Developed SND-RT, a programming environment for audio and music.
                        Funded by the Art Council Norway.
             2002-2005: System Administrator and Software developer.
                        C, C++, Scheme, Java, Python, PHP, Pure Data, Max/MSP.
                        60% position.
             2001-2002: Civil servant. Full time. Computer system administration, programming
                        and studio technician: C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Pure Data, Max/MSP.
                        Full time.

 2013-2016   University of Oslo: Backend developer.
             Scala, Play Framework, SQL, Java, Javascript, PHP, Perl, NoSQL.
             Full time.
 2011-2012   Spotify AB: Client developer.
             C++ and Python. Worked with the audio subsystem, playlists, app programming
             interface, releases, etc.
             Full time.

 1994-2007   Various Consultancy
             2007: Developed interactive sound for two permanent art installations
                   at Borgund high school in Ålesund/Norway, and Søndre Nordstrand
                   high school in Oslo/Norway. Commissioned by Intravision Group.
             2004: VSTi support for the Lionstracs synthesizers.
             2003: Adsonore art installation at the University of Bergen.
                   Linux setup and sound driver debugging.
             2003: Video art installation by Aksel Høgenhaug.
                   Linux consultant and PD programming.
             2002: Maintained Windows computers and network at Parkteatret Scene.
             2001: Ultima festival. Windows computers and network setup for interactive video
                   installation at the Stenersens Museum.
             1998-2001: CD mastering of 5 magazine records and 3 ordinary CD releases
                        for the record companies Oskorei Productions and Sound Riot Production.             
             1994-1995: A software/hardware system for doing teletext advertisements.
                        Private commercial project.


 2007-2011   University of Oslo: Teaching assistant.
             2010-2011: Course name "Functional programming". Taught in Norwegian.
             2008-2009: Course name "Programming languages". Taught in English.
             2007-2008: Course name "Programming project". Taught in Norwegian.
 2002-2004   Notam: Teacher at the summer and winter schools.
             Signal processing and sound editing.

Formal Education

 2008-2010   University of Oslo
             MSc in Informatics. Thesis.

 2005-2006   CCRMA, Stanford University.
             MA in Music, Science and Technology.

 2003-2005   Department of Music and Theatre, University of Oslo
             Courses in music theory, sound programming, signal processing, music psychology.

 1997-2003   University of Oslo
             BSc in Informatics. Courses in informatics, math, linguistics,
             history of ideas, music, philosophy and scientific methods.


 2014        K.Matheussen, "Radium: A Music Editor Inspired by the Music Tracker"
             Linux Audio Conference.

 2011        K.Matheussen, "Poing Impératif: Compiling Imperative and Object Oriented Code to Faust"
             Linux Audio Conference.

 2010        K.Matheussen, "Realtime Audio with Garbage Collection"
             Master's thesis in Informatics, University of Oslo.

 2010        K.Matheussen, "Unusual Techniques for Low-Latency Sample-by-Sample Audio Programming"
             Linux Audio Conference.

 2009        K.Matheussen, "Conservative Garbage Collectors for Realtime Audio Processing"
             International Computer Music Conference.

 2008        K.Matheussen, "Realtime Music Programming using Snd-Rt"
             International Computer Music Conference. (Poster)

 2008        K.Matheussen, "Extending Snd with Eval-C and Snd-Rt"
             Linux Audio Conference.

 2005        K.Matheussen, "Realtime extension for the sound editor SND"
             Notam www publication.

Peer-review activities

 2015-2017   LAC 2015, LAC 2017. Paper reviewer.

 2011        NIME 2011. Paper reviewer.


Musical performances

 2008        "Many Saxophones of Colors V1.2".
             Tape piece w/spatialisation. International Computer Music Conference, Belfast,
             Northern Irland.

 2008        "Fem".
             8 channel tape piece. Linux Audio Conference, Cologne, Germany.

 2007-∞      Interactive sound
             on two permanent art installations. Borgund high school, Ålesund,
             and Søndre Nordstrand high school, Oslo, Norway. Commissioned by Intravision Group.

 2006        "Six pieces for saxophone, piano and electronics".
             Alto Saxophone, Piano, Synthesizer, Computer, 4 Loudspeakers. Parkteatret Scene,
             Oslo, Norway. Commissioned by Notam and the Art Council Norway.

 2006        "Nvan".
             Saxophone, Disklavier, Computer, 8 Loudspeakers. CCRMA summer concert, Stanford, USA.


 2006-2009,  Nominated for the Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG) Open Source Award.

 2005        Fulbright Scholarship

 2000        Winner of the Easter Programming Contest at the Department of Informatics,
             University of Oslo

Software development

 Main developer of several computer programs.
 Github account: https://github.com/kmatheussen
 Homepage: http://users.notam02.no/~kjetism

 Contributed to the development of several open source software such as BDW-GC,
 FluidSynth, Jack audio connection kit, Integra, and JUCE.


 Computer languages: Assembler (68k, i386, MIPS), Actionscript, AmigaE, Bash, Basic, C, C++,
                     ChucK, Clojure, Common Lisp, Emacs Lisp, Faust, Java, Javascript, Lua,
                     Objective C, Pascal, Pd/Max, Perl, PL/pgSQL, PHP, Prolog (only used in
                     a university course), Python, Rexx, Scheme, Scala, Simula, Shen,
                     Smalltalk, SML, Tcl.
 Human languages:    English, Norwegian.
 Operating systems:  AmigaOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix (Solaris/IRIX), Windows.

 Experience with Realtime programming, Multithreaded programming, Functional programming,
 Programming language design, Compilation techniques, User interfaces, Graphics, MIDI
 drivers, Garbage collectors, Audio signal processing, Music programming languages, Web
 programming (PHP/Play Framework/Perl/REST/JS), SQL (PostgreSQL/MySQL/SQLite/H2),
 NoSQL (Couchbase).